Friday, December 25, 2009


So basically, I am going to do a Christmas post. But I'm wanting to put up pictures from Christmas and all that. I have my camera, but I forgot to bring my cord to get the pictures on my computer. So the beginning of next week that post should be up. But I really really wanted to post some things on here. So you will all just have to be patient as I have to be before I can put up my Christmas stuff. :)
So basically there are a lot of freaking awesome super hero movies coming out soon! At least, I think they are going to be AMAZING! Those of you that know me know that I am obsessed with superheroes. Hence, my blog title. So a particular movie that is coming out next year I am now completely determined to see when it comes out at midnight on May 7, 2010. Gah! It is Iron Man 2!!!!! Oh, my freaking crap. I'm so freaking excited!!! It's gonna be great! Iron Man the first has been probably the best super hero movie I have ever seen in my life. It is amazing! I really hope that the sequel turns out well. Did you know that there is a movie set for this film in Park City? Bwahahaha! So awesome. Yay! I bet it is going to be amazing!
Coming in 2011 are Thor, May 20, and Captain America, July 22. BWAHAHAHA!!!!! I'm really excited. Just in case you couldn't tell. I'm gonna have to see those movies at midnight as well. I have also found that in 2012, all these super hero movies will be put together, including the Incredible Hulk, for The Avengers!!!!!! Wowie!!!! I'm like, going crazy with excitement. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glee Finale

Tonight marked the night of the finale of my favorite tv show, Glee. It was FANTASTICAL!!! It's a musical that takes place in a high school. But it's not high school musical. It's about a glee club. And they sing and perform and it is amazing. I believe I have mentioned it before, but only because it is freaking awesome! I love it. Anyway, I decided to put up my favorite song that Glee does here because it's fantastic and I think y'all should watch it! I sure wish I could sing like that. Sheesh. Here's the link!
it is most fantastic. Anyway, today I had my first final. I studied with my buddy Emily Armstrong last night. Well, both of us ended up doing really bad on the exam. Lame on a lame stick. I'm pretty upset about that, but I did manage to pass. That's better than failing completely, I guess. Poop. Oh, well.
So basically I'm super duper excited for the Christmas break! I'm going to be moving out of Oakridge apartments and moving into Bridgerland apartments. I'll be in Ross's ward. Woot! I'm pretty pumped about that. I'm really sad to be leaving my ward though, it's a really great one. The bishopric is great. Maybe I'll stay in the same ward even though I'm moving. Ross said that it wouldn't be against the rules, it's just frowned upon. That whole phrase "frowned upon" makes me think of the tv show, Friends. Particularly the season when Ross Geller is dating one of his students and says that it isn't against the rules, it's just frowned upon. Then he learns later that it actually is against the rules and it turns into this whole secret affair going on thing. That show is hilarious. Anyway....
I have one more final exam tomorrow in Biology. I sure hope it goes well. I should probably be studying for it right now. I'm pretty sure I'll be ok though. I like the subject and know the stuff really well. Party! I don't really have anything else to say, so I hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thanksgiving was awesome. Pretty much. It was really nice to take a break from everything and spend time with my kick but awesome family. And my dog, Sparky. That's one of the things I like most about going home. Sparky simply adores me! He follows me everywhere and always has his little doggy smile on his face. He had recently gotten a haircut when I got home. He is such a handsome little puppy! And he keeps me warm at night. Dogs are good for that.
So Sparky, like most dogs, likes lots of attention and to be rubbed all over the place. I forget how crazy high school boys are until I go home. My dear brother Matt has his own way of petting Sparky that, strangely enough, the poor dog doesn't mind at all. That's one thing I don't like about going home; I find out how abused my poor dog is. I don't know why my family teases him so much. At least I can get my siblings to take him for walks, don't want Sparky to get fat.
Thanksgiving dinner was at my Uncle Bill's house in Orem this year. It was pretty intense. Me and my siblings most enjoyed that Guitar Hero was set up downstairs. We rocked like there was no tomorrow! I rocked the hardest. No one could compete with my awesomeness. Of course, none of us could play on a higher level than medium, but I was still the best with that. Woot! It was funny to watch my dad try to play, he didn't get it. "No, dad, strum and push the buttons at the same time!" "What?! That is so much to do at once!" Yup. That's my dad.
This weekend, my dad and Matt put up the Christmas lights. That's pretty exciting stuff. So I had to get a picture of Matt hanging out on the roof. I sure do love my family! Leslie, Daniel, and I also traded Pokemon cards. (I do not care what you think. I know people older than me who are way more obsessed with Pokemon.) I have now managed to have almost the entire original 151 Pokemon. I am very close. And someday I will triumph!
Anyway, now I'm back in Logan and back to school. But next week are Finals. Hooray!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

I have the best boyfriend in the world! He was nice enough to get a few hours off of work to go and see the new Twilight movie, New Moon, yesterday afternoon. :) He's so awesome. The first thing I have to say about the movie is: HOLY JACOB BLACK!!! He has an eight pack, as both Ross and I counted. What a stud. I kind of have a crush on him. Edward is pretty much ugly in comparison to this tan, muscular, studly man. Poor pale hairy Edward. I must say I'm not a very big fan of chest hair, and Jacob's beautiful lack of chest hair is very appealing to my eyes. Basically, Jacob Black is fair to look upon. Woot. The second thing I have to say about the movie is: HOLY SPECIAL EFFECTS!!! In comparison to the pathetic special effects due to a lack of budget with the first film, this one is awesome. I got really excited with two parts where the effects are just kick butt awesome! Ross was probably really annoyed by me at the end of the film. I got excited a lot. And angry a lot. The third thing I have to say about the movie is: HOLY BETTER THAN THE FIRST!!! I'll admit that it wasn't exactly alongside the book, but it was a lot better than the first movie. Oh, by golly it was. I was really impressed by it. Woot!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

So life has been going pretty good lately. Although nothing too intense is happening. I have begun to get Christmas presents for my family and Ross. Woot! So far I have gotten him five gifts. But I won't say what they are because I don't want Ross to find out! I don't know how frequently he reads my blog, but I know it isn't much. Bwahahaha!
My dear roommate Sandra has this HUGE tv. It was at her home in Provo for a while, but her brother brought it up a little while ago! So now it is in our living room and it is beautiful. It's a really nice tv. I love it! We didn't have a dvd player, so I bought one. It's basically the cheapest nice dvd player. I want to make sure it will last. Woot! So now Sandra and I love to watch movies on this amazing tv. Although, the place where you connect the cord that makes it so we can watch cable has broken. So we can't just watch tv on it, which is sad. I would have watched Animal Planet in awesome bigness! And that would be awesome.
Here is my roommate, Sandra. She is a very good dresser, she has a ton of really cute clothes. It's kind of funny because she has about five times as many shirts as I do. And three times as many pants. But it's all good. I just think it's interesting to see how different our lifestyles are. We get along for most of the time, but everyone has their moments when you're just sick of roommates. Sandra is really fun. She makes me laugh a lot. It's good that we have fun together. Woot! She thinks I'm pretty hilarious, too. Probably because I am. Party! I'm enjoying being her personal aide. Yup, that's my job! It is a lot of work. It's hard to take care of someone as well as myself. And while also going to school, it's a little stressful. But all is well. It's working out great! And I feel so good having a paycheck coming twice a month. It feels so awesome to make money all by myself!
So this past weekend, I invited Sarah and Andrew to come over and watch Remember the Titans with Ross and I. It was really fun. I love my sister and her husband! And I also love Ross. :) I really enjoy spending time with my family. They are great. After the movie, Sarah was half awake. Then she and Andrew cuddled up on our rug. Then I just had to take a picture of them, because they're cute I guess. Sheesh. Married people. I'm really excited to go home for Thanksgiving break and spend a lot of time with my family! And my little Sparky dog. I sure love that puppy. He turned 6 years old last week. He's getting big! And I love his little furry face. :)
Well, I guess that is all that I have to say now. I'll keep you posted on anything exciting that may be happening in my life. Frankly, nothing very exciting has happened in a really long time. Oh, well. Go me!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Grudge

Ok. So yesterday I decided that I wanted to watch the movie The Grudge. So I watched it on YouTube. Hooray for the internet. It was an absolutely ridiculous movie. A mother and her son get murdered by the husband and then their evil dead spirits haunt this creepy house. Anyone that enters the house will then be killed. It was a very creepy movie, but just really dumb. The ending was the worst. The main character's boyfriend goes to the house to find her then the grudge people kill him, then the girl sets the house on fire. In the hospital later you find out that the fire was put out and the house saved and then the grudge woman comes to the hospital to find the main lady. The end. Absolutely ridonkulous. No ending to that movie. Just everyone dying. Humph. It was dumb. So basically, now I have a grudge against that movie.
So later that night, Ross and I went on a double date with Sandra and my friend Harrison. It was a lot of fun. We went out to eat at the Bluebird and then went to the institute dance! Ross and I were being very silly. But we tend to do that. I love that I can be so crazy around him, and that he is crazy too! Love is amazing. So totally yes! And Ross and I are in love! :)
So ya, I know this one is short, but I just wanted to let everyone know how dumb The Grudge was. Woot.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A New Month

October is over! But that is ok. Sandra and I watched the movie Wait Until Dark. It has Audrey Hepburn, who Sandra is totally obsessed with. It was an ok movie. I thought that it was really boring the entire time until the last 15 minutes. Then it was actually good. It was just silly, I think. But I watched it. Woot.
On Halloween, Ross and I went to the marching band competition here at USU. It was really fun! I only got to see three bands, but it was still really fun. It made me miss marching band, but that's ok. So along those lines of color guard, I was invited to try out for the WSU winter guard, Fusion. And I really want to do it, but I don't have the time. I'm not able to due to my job. But I'll get over it. Maybe I can do it next year. I sure hope so! I miss being a part of a team. Perhaps my chances fare over for that now. If so, I will be ok. I'll get over it.
So things with Ross have been going great! I'm so freaking in love. I don't even know how to describe it, it's just so miraculous! He's my very best friend in the whole wide world! We went to a Halloween party that night at Emily Armstrong's house. It was really fun! I like to party. :) Then we came back to my place and went hot tubbing. Woot! I really love sitting in a hot tub. It is very relaxing. And Ross has a six pack, which is just awesome.
Oh, my goodness! The CES Fireside on Sunday was amazing! President Uchtdorf spoke and did such a great job! I feel like his talk was geared toward me personally. It was so cool! He talked about "The Ugly Duckling" and how we don't always see our true potential because of how people treat us. We need to look at our reflections and see the glorious children of God that we truly are, just like the ugly duckling looked at his reflection and saw a beautiful swan. Then he went off of that and discussed a few topics. It was really amazing. He's probably my favorite speaker, and it was just a really great fireside! I recommend that you get online and watch it!
If you haven't heard of the tv show, Glee, then now you will! My roommate Sandra got me addicted to this wicked awesome show! It is about a bunch of kids in the glee club at their school. It is basically a musical, which is so freaking awesome! I love the music that they sing in it. The teacher who is in charge of the glee club is very attractive, he can sing and dance, too, which makes him a dream. So it's all crazy because there are football players, cheerleaders, nerds, minorities, and all sorts of cliques in the club. They all learn to work together and be friends. Oh, man, I cried in one of the episodes. I'm so pathetic. But basically, music really gets to me. And when the characters sing a song that is really inspirational, especially considering what is happening at the moment, I just teared right up. It is an amazing show. I highly recommend it.
Well, that's all that's going on with me at the moment. My life just isn't all that intense. I will have to go on an adventure sometime soon. Woot!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Boring College Student

It is true, I am simply a boring college student. Which is pretty much why I haven't put up a post in a while. I have nothing very exciting to talk about. My days are all pretty similar. I wake up and go to school. After my classes I go home and eat lunch. Then I take my roommate Sandra to her afternoon class. Then I take her home from that. Then we do homework for a while. Then in the evenings I either hang out with Ross, read, hang out on facebook, play pocket tanks, or watch a movie with Sandra. Evenings are about the only time that my life has variety. And that is why I put a picture of a sunset here. Party! Oh, and I like Tuesdays, which are date days for me and Ross. We make sure to go on a date every Tuesday. Woot.
So I guess my life isn't completely dull, I did get to go to Lagoon last weekend. That was really fun. I went with Ross, naturally, and my cousins and their lovers. Oh, and a girl named Cammie who was on a date with a guy named Mike. I didn't know them. But it was really fun. I like hanging out with Alison and Greg. And Stacey, who comes with Greg. And Ren, who comes with Alison. It was a lot of fun. We didn't go into any of the spook alleys which was probably a good thing because I might have peed my pants, as I did many years ago with Laurianne. She was awesome. Anyway, it was super duper fun! My favorite ride is probably Wicked. I didn't like it the first time I went on it a year or so ago, but now I like it. I like that it is actually a smooth roller coaster, unlike pretty much all the rest of the roller coasters at Lagoon. And there's a picture of it. Ross totally loved that ride. He was shouting that during our roller coaster adventure on it. What a fun outing! And the next morning Daniel and Ross had a rubber band war. I'm so happy my boyfriend gets along so well with my youngest brother. Woot.
This past weekend I got to go home for Fall Break. It was awesome. I really like spending time with my family. I came down this past Thursday night and stayed until Saturday evening. Friday was pretty great. Mom, Sarah, and I went out for lunch. We had Chinese food. I sure do love that stuff. It was really nice to spend time with my mom and older sister. I like those guys. After that Mom and I went fabric shopping with my Gramma. She's awesome. Sarah came to say hi before returning to her husband, and Gramma said that she wants great-grandkids from us so we should "get crackin'." Sheesh. I picked out some beautiful blue and brown fabric for a quilt that Gramma wants to make for me. I sure do love fabric shopping. I'm so indecisive though, so it took a while. But it was still fun. And of course, there's a picture of fabric.
That afternoon, I took my two youngest siblings to a movie. Technically, I just drove and made them pay for themselves. Life is expensive! But it was fun. We went to see the movie 9. It is by Tim Burton. It was a pretty good movie, not as good as I thought it would be. I think that it was a clever concept, but a lot more could be done with it. Daniel didn't get scared, even though it was PG-13, and Leslie thought it was really cool. It was only and hour and 10 or so minutes, which was kind of nuts. All the sudden it was just over. But whatever. I still enjoyed it. Mostly I just liked Elijah Wood's voice coming out of the main character, but that is unimportant. I have a crush on Elijah Wood. Anyway.....
In the evening of Friday, I was also able to talk with my parents about my future. That's always scary. It's hard to talk my parents because I never know how they will react. But I survived. Phew! And then I played Battleship with Leslie! She won once and I won once. And then I was tired so I went to bed. Party. The picture of battleship is to show the game Leslie and I played, as well as to symbolize how sometimes talking with parents is a battle. ;)
Saturday was pretty interesting. My family all went over to the Fassmann's house, Sarah's in-laws. We made homemade apple juice! It was pretty fun, but I also had homework to work on there. Lame. And my hands got really sticky working the apple juicer. Bleck. But it tasted really yummy! Hooray for apple juice!
Monday night, Sandra and I watched a scary movie, When a Stranger Calls. She kept gasping really loud and that would make me jump a lot more than the movie. It was an ok movie. I don't know that I liked it much, but that may have had to do with that I couldn't sleep very well that night. I kept hearing, "We traced the call! It's coming from inside the house! It's coming from inside the house!" And then I couldn't sleep. It's too bad I get a thrill out of scary movies.
Yesterday was Date Day! I love Tuesdays because I get to spend a lot of time with Ross, and basically I'm totally in love with him. Oh, and he's totally in love with me, too. :) Yesterday we played nintendo and then carved pumpkins! I don't like the gooey insides of the pumpkins, but whatever, Ross loves that part. It was fun just to be together. In the picture, my pumpkin is on the left and Ross' is on the right. We made hamburger helper for dinner. It wasn't the best kind, but it was still good. I love hamburger helper! It is the best. Ross and I also just sat and talked for a long time. I really like that we can talk for so long together. It makes me happy to have someone like Ross in my life. He's my best friend!
Well, that's all for know. I've been trying to wait until there's something exciting happening to write about, but my life isn't necessarily the most exciting life on the planet. Oh, well. ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Weekend in Wyoming

This past weekend, the 18th-20th, I got to go up to Wyoming to stay with Ross's parents. On the ride up, Ross drove. He kind of had a hard time getting the care to go. He's not that used to driving stick, but it's all good. Once we got going there wasn't a problem.We were behind this thing for the longest time! And it reminded me of my last year of marching band because our field show was Four Winds. So I just had to take a picture.
I got to go to a reception for Ross's high school best friend, Brent, and his wife, Jessica, who I have gotten to know really well. The reception was pretty awesome. It was very simple, and that was nice. I got to help decorate the car. It was nowhere near as intense as Sarah and Andrew's was, but hey, it's Wyoming. ;) JK, but seriously.... We had a lot of fun there. Ross didn't catch the garter and I wasn't paying attention for the time when they threw the bouquet. Actually, I don't even know if they did throw it. But still, I guess we're not the next to get married...
The next morning led to a great day. It started out with Ross's mom, Cathy, giving us both haircuts. Ross got more of the cut, and I just got a trim. It was very nice of Cathy to do that for us both. Woot! And there's a picture of Ross getting his hair cut. It was ridiculous how long his hair had gotten! I was surprised how much hair was on the floor when she was done, crazy.
After our hair fest, Ross went outside to mow the lawn. It was really funny because as soon as Cathy saw him outside on the riding lawn mower, she said, "Ross is mowing the lawn! I have to get the video camera!" And she did. And she recorded Ross mowing the lawn. So obviously as soon as Ross knew he was being taped, he started acting all cool on the mower. It was pretty hilarious.
So while Ross was mowing the lawn, I was pulling weeds. Woot! I like pulling weeds. It is fun. I was done pulling the weeds before Ross was done with the lawn, which is pretty big, so I decided to go on a kitten hunt. About a week before Ross and I got there, Cathy's cat, Pearl, had kittens. Nobody knew where they were because she would always just sneak off and disappear to feed them and such. I went to look in the shed in the back yard. I heard a scuffle, looked up on a shelf, and out came the mommy cat from a big box. As soon as she was gone I went and looked in the box and found the baby kitties! There are four: two black, one white, and one that is black and gray striped. They were so cute! I got them out of the box where they were all piled on top of each other, as there wasn't a lot of space in there. I put a towel on the bottom of a kennel and put the kittens in there. The momma cat liked it. Cathy put the kennel in the garage so that the mom could be closer to her food and not have to leave her kids as much. They are cute kittens! Sorry, the picture isn't very good, I was shaking with excitement at finding the kitties!
After we had finished working in the yard and making kitties comfy, Ross wanted me to see a cattle drive because I had never seen one before. It wasn't as exciting as I had expected because the people were only moving about twenty-five at a time. Lame sauce. But it was still cool. I moo-ed at the cows and they all gave me funny looks. Cows are weird. They always have the exact same expression on their faces. Oh, well. It was fun to see all the mama cows walking and the baby cows getting excited to be going somewhere.
After lunch I wanted to go up to "downtown" Afton. It's not really all that intense because there isn't much up there. But I wanted to get a souvaneir spoon because I collect those. And Afton has the world's largest elk-horn arch. Which is pretty intense. The picture is me standing in front of it. It was pretty cool. So I was pretty bummed because the gift shop was closed by the time Ross and I got there. Lame sauce, so I didn't get a spoon. I guess I"ll have to go back some other time. Sheesh. But I wouldn't mind because it is really beautiful in Star Valley.
So mostly Ross and I just walked around and looked at stuff and I got a ton of pictures. But I don't want to put them all up here so I'll just do a few. Here's me on an Afton, Wyoming bench. They had like ten of these all over the place. And here's Ross with a wooden penguin. That was in a bookstore that we looked around in. The selection was not nearly as much as is in the Books of Yesterday in Logan. Woot. Then there's us both with a mama bear and baby bear. Don't worry, they're fake. I think it was just really fun to walk around and be silly with Ross. I totally love that man! He's so amazing. I like that I can be my crazy self and he doesn't care because he is crazy, too. :) I love him, a lot!
After our adventure around Afton, Ross and I went on a hike to the Intermittent Spring. It was awesome because last time I went, it was too early in the year so it wasn't stopping. But this time, the water stopped! And then it started again! It was so cool! I really enjoyed the hike, too. It was beautiful up there! I really love to hike. And it was fun to get to know some of Ross's friends. It was some people from his high school group of friends that we hiked with. It was a lot of fun!
That evening we had yummy pizza with Ross's parentals. I freaking love pizza! It was from Pizza Hut. Amazing! I really like Ross's parents. His dad is a pretty cool guy. He works at the dump. I'll admit I was kind of scared of him for a while, but once I got to know him he was good. And his mom is so freaking awesome! She reminds me a whole lot of my mom. They both like to sew, quilt, buy glass nick-knacks, and are both someone disorganized. But in a good way. I think that if they ever meet each other they would be good friends. Anyway, after the pizza Ross and I went out with his friends again and we watched Hook on a big screen tv. I love that movie! As we were getting ready to go out, Ross dressed like a gangsta. He's such a stud muffin... :)
The next day was Sunday and I went to church with Ross and his parents. It was a lot of fun to meet neighbors. They all were talking about what a good guy Ross is and how lucky I am to have someone like him. :) I think he's a great man. I love him so freaking much!
Well, that's the end of my adventures in Wyoming. It was a great weekend! And it ended well. Ross's parents hugged me goodbye. That's a good sign. I really like those guys. And I can't wait to go back up!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So what's with squirrels? There's always romping around campus, making loud chirpy squeaks to each other, and leaping from tree to tree with food in their mouths. I have witnessed all of these incidents. Which is pretty cool. Then I got scolded by my roommates for slamming on the brakes when I was driving and a squirrel decided to bolt out into the road! I didn't want to hit the little critter, but then my roomies were upset. Humph. And the squirrel just sat there in the middle of the road and I honked at it. Then it moved. So I got to thinking, there are so many more squirrels in the world than just Logan, Utah squirrels. And thus I went to the internet to find all sorts of squirrels!Baby squirrels.Toddler squirrels.Adult squirrels.Flying squirrels.
White squirrels.Black squirrels.Pirate squirrels.
Army squirrels.Russian sniper squirrels.Super squirrels.
Jedi squirrels.Sith squirrels.
Wowie! What awesome squirrels! Well, in all honesty, I was just thinking about the squirrel that I almost hit with the car, and I looked up squirrels on google and found a bunch of fun pictures that I wanted to put on my blog! That and I don't want to work on my homework. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Week of School

The first week of school is slowly going by, and I am taking a moment to write a short post. I am living in the Oakridge apartments and they are awesome. Pool, hot tub, basketball court, sand volleyball court, 24 hour fitness room, and free laundry are just a few of the benefits of living here. It was really expensive, mostly because of the free laundry fact, but now that I'm working, I have figured it out and I should have all the money back within three months. Woot.
And about working, I'm enjoying it. The only real downside is that I'm super duper tired. Taking care of Sandra isn't hard or anything, it's just that she can't to anything for herself, so I get to do all of that for her. Which is good. I enjoy it, she's a great person, just doing things for two people instead of just myself is wearing me out. But I'm sure my body will get used to it and I will be fine in a couple weeks. Just my body is all like, "Ah! What's going on! Need more energy!" And sometimes I wish I was a dog so I could just crash on the couch and sleep all day...
As for my classes, I am enjoying them. All three. I'm especially excited about my Introduction to Modern Dance class. That one is gonna be fun. I'm really excited for that. The teacher is awesome. The picture here is of modern dancers. It's pretty interesing, there's a lot of freedom in it. You don't have to follow any rules like all the rest of the kinds of dancing. Then there's my biology class. It's ok. The teacher is a pretty crazy person, but what can ya do. And in my Balancing Work and Family class, there are three units, each with their own teacher. Woot. Right now we're on the 'marriage' section about how to balance marriage with work and family. Party, right? Maybe.
Well, I'm still madly in love with Ross. Probably even more so that the last time I mentioned him. I just keep falling more and more in love with that guy! It is a most excellent and amazing feeling. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Oh, my goodness! School starts in two weeks! And to be honest, I'm pretty excited! Now that my dad has a job, (HOORAY!) I'm able to take three classes this Fall semester. Not a huge load, but I'm still pretty darn excited. And also I will be starting my job as a personal aide for Sandra, who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. I think that a large part of it is just that I'm excited not to be sitting around all day with nothing to do. Oh, school is such a blessing!!!
Basically, I'm just taking two general classes and then a dance class. How fun! So I was going to be majoring in art, but after taking an art class last semester, I'm not really sure if that's what I want to do. I really hated sitting there drawing for 3 strait hours. So I think that maybe drawing is more of a hobby for me. I'm not really sure though. I'm taking a class in the Fall called Balancing Work and Family. It is a general class for a Child Development major. I've been looking into it and I might change my major to this. And it would also be very easy for me to double major in Child Development and Family and Community Services. The second major would open the job area from only children to all ages. And for only four more classes! Wowie! Anyway, I'm still not sure if that's what I'm gonna do. It's a tough decision.
The dance class that I'm taking is Introduction to Modern Dance. I'm really excited! I love to dance! And it will be good exercise as well. I'm not sure how well this will work with my job, but I'm also wanting to go swimming in the mornings. Probably, like, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings is what I'm thinking. It's important to stay in shape! So I'm hoping I will be able to go swimming. Also, Ross doesn't know how to swim. So I need to teach him! Tee hee!
I'm also taking Biology 1010. It's just to fill out one of my lame generals. It should be pretty simple, but that's ok. I am really gonna work to get an awesome GPA this semester! It's gonna be awesome!!! I can do it!