Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby Name for Baby #2: Action Heroes

The winner of the last poll was the name Henry, as taken from my grandfather. 
This next poll will use names of heroes in action movies. I am a huge fan of action films and am pretty excited to see how the names in this group do when compared against each other. You may vote for two names, but please don't vote for more than that. And again, there are names here that we are really considering along with some that we really are not. The name we would use is in bold. I hope you enjoy this poll! Another one will be in two more weeks!

1. Handsome Rob
from the movie The Italian Job, which is one of mine and Ross' favorite movies, and is played by Jason Statham.

2. Jake Sully
from the movie Avatar, which is NOT about the last airbender, but is still a good movie.

3. Sherlock Holmes
when as played by Robert Downy Jr. Those are action films for sure. And they are awesome.

4. Ethan Hunt
from the Mission Impossible movies, is played by Tom Cruise. I love these movies.

5. Jason Bourne
from the Bourne series, played by Matt Damon. These movies are super intense.

6. Rafe McCawley
is from Pearl Harbor and is played by Ben Affleck. This is another of mine and Ross' favorite movies to watch. It is pretty spectacular.

7. James Bond
who pretty much everyone knows as the most action-est of action heroes. My father loves these movies. He has been played by many actors and has tons of movies. He's pretty popular.

8. Peter Quill
who is the leading man of the Guardians of the Galaxy and is played by Chris Pratt. He is Star Lord! Ross and I saw this movie the day before it officially came out and we LOVED it. A super fun movie indeed.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Name Poll for Bateman Baby #2: Family Names

With the super hero names poll, Peter Parker was in first the entire length until the very end. Bruce Wayne pulled forward and won the super hero name poll! I will use that name again later in the final poll in a couple of months.
This set of two weeks the baby names will be those coming from ancestors on my side and on Ross's side of the family. There are names here that we are really considering using, and some that we are not. We want to see how the names we like compare popularity-wise with other family names. We still haven't chosen a name, and have a pretty hefty list of names that we like. Hopefully we can narrow down that list by the end of my pregnancy thanks to votes by my awesome readers. ;) The names we are using for the poll are bolded, but I thought it would be important to include the full names as they are ancestors and some may be curious.

1. Norman Bennion Bateman
This is Ross's paternal grandfather. He is sealed to Lark Bateman, who is still alive and kicking at 97 years old. It is cool to know her. He was born and raised in Bloomington, ID. He lived there his whole life and is buried in the Boomington cemetary.

2. Alfred Bateman
Another from Ross's paternal side. This man is the grandfather of Norman, who was mentioned above. He was born in Essex, England and when he was 17 moved all the way to Evanston, WY to be with his brother. He later moved to Bloomington, ID where he homesteaded a place and built a cabin.

3. Elam Harnish Huber
On Ross's maternal side, this is his great-great-grandfather. There wasn't a lot of information on him, but he was born and died in Pennsylvania. He lived there his whole life.

4. Thomas Davis Adams
Another of Ross's maternal ancestors, another great-great-grandfather. He was born in Radnor, Wales. Again, I didn't find much info on this man, but he died in Pennsylvania. As I'm sure you are seeing, my mother-in-law is from Pennsylvania.

5. Henry W Bredthauer
This is my paternal grandfather. He was a really awesome man. He was born in Heuersen, Germany and his family immigrated to the United States when he was a baby. He lived in Bountiful, UT the entire time that I knew him. He had a fantastic sense of humor and a firm belief in hard work. 

6. Johann Heinrich Bredthauer
My paternal great-great-great-grandfather lived his whole life in Germany. There wasn't a lot of information on him, probably because he lived so long ago. But he does have a pretty sweet name.

7. Samuel Park, Jr.
Another of my great-great-great-grandfathers, this one was my maternal grandma's great-grandpa. I couldn't get the picture to download, but he had a pretty sweet beard. He was born in Newtonstewart, Ireland and died in Tooele, UT. 

8. Charles Horace Pitt
This is my maternal grandpa and he is still living. He is a soft-spoken man and I have a lot of respect for him. He is a hard worker and is a very loving and giving guy. I am really happy that I know him and that he is still around. He is a cool guy.

So there are some family names for you all to vote for! Sorry, I was going to let people vote for more than one name, but I forgot. And now since people have already voted, you only get to vote for one name.