Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Poll is Done

Those of you that noticed, which is probably a lot of you, there was a poll on the side of my blog. It was to see which superhero everyone thought was best. Well, Batman won. Cool beans. He was followed by Wolverine, another good choice. Anyway, I'll probably put up another poll now, just so that there's another exciting thing there. Woot.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where'd the Sun Go?

I am really missing the sun at the moment. It was so lovely about a week ago! and a week before that. Then it gets all cold and depressing outside. I really do not enjoy this here Utah weather. Just look at the beautiful picture of the sun I picked out! I absolutely adore the sun! I love being outside when the sun is shining! It just makes life so happy. Darn clouds. Ridiculous.
yeah, I know this one is short. I just had to complain somewhere about how much I miss the sun.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Me? Crazy? Thank you!

I'm pretty bored, in case you can't tell. But I decided to put some pictures up on this here blog of my top three most attractive actors! I'm basically in love with these guys. Well, technically I guess it would be lust. And lust is bad. Crap... This first one is Shia Labeouf. Oh, baby! What a stud muffin. It's just too bad because he smokes. Terrible to be so handsome but so gross just because of an addiction. Bleck. Poor guy. He's not really the most amazing actor, poor guy always plays teenage roles even though he's like 25. But he is good at those younger parts! What a hooligan. I wonder how he feels about that. Probably not very good. I have a poster of him on my wall! He's yummy. Definitely eye candy. Woot!
Now I will just talk about something else for a while before I move on to another handsome man. Just to take up space. :) So this past week has been pretty crazy for me. I have an apartment for the summer all set up. But it stinks because I can't move in until the Monday after finals week, and I have to move out of my apartment I'm in now on the Friday before that. So I guess I'm going home for a weekend. Lame sauce. I guess that is ok though. I will just have to get over it. It's a pretty small apartment, not a lot of space. The bedrooms are long. Large in sqare-footage, but small because they are so long. The living room is pretty spacey though. So that will be nice. I don't even know how much I'm gonna be there. My plan is to be working as much as possible. And that would require me not to be at home. Woot.
Now we will move on to another handsome man! His name is Shane West! Oh, what a stud muffin. I actually just recently watched "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and he was in it. But he has long blonde hair in it and it looked kind of weird. I like him much better with short, dark hair! Hooray for nicely trimmed men! Particularly extremely handsome nicely trimmed men. :) The only other movie I have seen him in is "A Walk to Remember." I don't know if he is in anything else really. I dont' watch very many movies to be honest. But it's ok! I don't really know what Shane West is like in real life, but he plays pretty awesome characters. I don't even know how old the punk is. Sad day.
So ya! "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" was a pretty awesome movie! I like movies where people have powers. But these were like people from classic novels! I thought it was reallycool. I liked that there was a girl in the group even though they are "gentlemen." She's a vampire! Crazy. But also awesome. :) It is fun to watch movies with my friends. A lot of them own movies I haven't ever seen! So it is way fun to see movies I've heard people talk about but haven't seen. I like it!
Oh, baby! Check out this amazing hunk of man flesh! I think I'm gonna drool just staring at him! Oh, Zac Efron... Crap, and here just typing with the picture my mouth is watering. Nasty, he must be one hot stud muffin! It makes me sad that his first movie had to be High School Musical. I bet that is a thing of embarassment for the poor guy. He has a good voice and is an amazing dancer! Which is awesome. But I really wasn't thinking he's a very good actor. That is, until I saw "17 Again!" Oh, man. he did an amazing job with that part! That movie was hilarious! And also, it was just a really good movie! I haven't laughed that hard in a movie ever before! Awe, man. And just seeing Zac for an hour and a half was nice. :) Quite jolly it was! And it is probably my new favorite movie of all time! But not just because it has a very gorgeous man, just because it's a really great movie! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to see a movie. That's how good it was. Everyone should see it!
Next week is finals week, and along with that comes my interview for the Mountain Crest color guard advisor. I really want it bad! I would be very upset if I didn't get the position. But I'm sure I would get over it. This is just my dream job! It wouldn't even really be a job to me. Just a ton of fun and hard work! Hooray!
And now I must depart. You have a most splendifferous day! I hope that everything goes well for you. Good luck with finals, those of you that have them! Soon it will be SUMMER!! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rain, Finals, Color Guard, and 22 Months

Darn rain! I really miss the sun, it makes me all cheery inside! This rain is pathetic. I'm really sick and tired of all this weather. At least it isn't cold though. That's a plus. But this ridonculous rain is just driving me crazy! And I couldn't find my umbrella today. Rats. I guess I will get over it eventually. But it sure does make the last part of the semester seem dreadful! Darn.

Speaking of the end of the semester, it is kind of like this here dinosaur. It is going to be the death of me!!! I have so many projects and papers due within the next two weeks. It is really making me freak out. It is really hard. This week, I have an art project that includes a drawing and a paper due as well as a paper for my Energy class. Oh, and a short paper for Human Development. But then next week, things get really crazy. Another art project is due, and another small paper for Human Development. Oh, and I have to sing two songs memorized in front of my class for Voice Techniques. Then comes finals week. Darn. I have my Energy Final on Tuesday morning, then my Drawing Final Critique on Tuesday evening. My next final is in Human Development on Thursday morning. And then I have my ridiculous Politics Final on Friday. Miserable week, that will be surely. I am working on so much stuff! This is ridiculous. But soon it will be summer!

Last week, on Wednesday, I got a call from Lyndsie Badger. She is currently the color guard adviser at Davis High School. Random that she would call me for sure. So it turns out that Mountain Crest High is looking for a guard adviser! And Lyndsie was calling me to let me know. She is aware of my desire to be a guard adviser. Woot! So I got really excited. I called Steven Hendricks, my dear old Davis band director, to get the phone number of the band director at Mountain Crest. He didn't answer his phone, which is ok because he's a busy guy. But he called me back later and gave me the MC band director's name and number. Then he said he would call the director, Jason, to let him know I would call later and also to recommend me for the job. Wow! I didn't even ask Steve to do that! (I can call him Steve now because I am graduated.) So that was awesome. I called Jason about an hour later, and he said he had been really excited to hear from me for a long time. It turns out that Darilyn Zabriskie, my old guard adviser, had called him on last Saturday to recommend me for the job. And I didn't even know there was a position open at the time! How cool is that? I think it is awesome. So Jason said that there would be interviews the week of finals, (yay, another thing I have to do that week). And after that I would know if I get the position! I think I have a really good chance of getting it. I sure hope I do! I just have to send in my resume and the application for it and I'm ready for the interview! Yay! And I did make a kick-butt-awesome color guard resume. :) yay!
So as of this Saturday, the 18th, Elder Jared Cline will have been on his mission for two months! Wow. I guess it hasn't been that bad, aside from the crying a lot part. But ya, 22 months left and he will be home! I'm not sure exactly how excited I am about that. It is so much better than 24 months fo shizzle! This picture is of Jared and his companion, Elder Ericksen. They're doing hard core awesome missionary work in Boston! Yay! I'm so happy that Jared and Elder Ericksen are doing so well. Jared is so excited in his letters. He is such an amazing guy! And he is also an amazing missionary. I hope that he got the Easter package I sent to him. I will find out when I get a letter from him this weekend! Woot! I'm excited. :)
Well, you have a fabulous day! Sorry this one was so long. I've been lazy in adding posts to my blog. Oh, well!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Conference

This weekend has been awesome! General conference is great. I really love to hear the words of the prophets of God! By golly, isn't President Monson a great guy? I love him! He is such a wise man who is extremely strong with the Spirit. I am so happy that he is the prophet! He really knows what is going on. I love how he tells so many stories. He is really good at relating them to the gospel, and that is so great! He rocks my socks so hard core! A few of my favorite talks were the ones by President Eyring, President Uchtdorf, Elder Hales, and that one whose name I forget. He gave the talk about temples and making the home a holy place with the door facing the temple. That one was aweosme sauce! So here I have a picture of the twelve apostles. But it isn't super recent, Elder Wirthlin is in it. But it was the most recent one I could find! I sure do love these men. All of them are so darn amazing! I hope that someday I can have a powerful spirit like theirs! That would be so awesome! Oh, man. I sure do love General Conference! I finished crocheting an afghan on Saturday, so I got some yarn and started a new one on Sunday! I am very excited for this one. It is gonna be beautiful! I picked out really aweosme colors. Hot pink, lime green, and turquoise! With black. :) Fun! So I was really bored the other day, and I went to which I recommend for people who are bored. So it had this thing that would draw a picture based on your personality. So, obviously, I had to try it out! It was really cool. I like the picture it drew for me! So here it is! Doesn't it just have my name written all over it? Metaphorically speaking of course... ;) I got another letter from Jared on Saturday. I sure do love getting mail! Especially from that awesome man. Tee hee! He and his companion are teaching these two investigators that are preparing to get baptised! Wow! And they will most likely be baptised by the end of this month. How cool is that?! I am really excited for Jared. I bet he is such a great missionary! I sent him an Easter package on Friday. That was fun! My first ever package! I sent him Peeps, Starburst Jelly Beans, and those little plastic eggs with Robin Eggs and spiritual quotes inside! Oh, and I also sent him some pictures that I took from his mission farewell. Fun sauce! I'm not sure when Jared is going to get it, but hopefully it will be somewhat soon! He's gonna be so surprised! Woot! Well, you have a most splendifferous day, ok? I hope that everything is going well for you! Make good choices!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh, What a World!!!

What a depressing world that we live in! I have an art project that I have due on Tuesday, and I haven't started on it yet. I'll admit that that may seem like procrastination, but it isn't! Well, it sort of is. I do my best artwork when I feel rushed. Woot! Anyway, it is called a "heightened drawing." This is done on a colored sheet of paper and charcoal. Instead of using charcoal to make the base layer, I will be using the paper. So I can't just erase charcoal to make the light colors because paper color won't erase. Anyway, it will be done with black charcoal to do the dark places and white charcoal to do the light places! I'm really excited to do it. So for the project, we could draw any figure we chose. I wanted to do a man. Like, a man that is muscular. I think that it would make the project really fun to have to add so much light or dark area around the muscles. Also, the human figure is hard, so it will give me good practice. I asked one of my friends to pose for me, and he said no. The ninny. I couldn't really think of anyone else to ask, so I put my Facebook status as: "Melanie needs a muscular man to pose shirtless for her art project. And I will give you cookies!" And that was true. Lo and behold, the amazing happened! A really old friend of mine said he would do it! I'm so excited to do it. This project will rock hard core. Woot! So I was chatting with him, on Facebook, and we were just deciding when he would come up and such. We were also just talking about life. And here is the reason the world is so depressing. I asked him how life was going, and he said, "Not great." Turns out his parents just barely went through a divorce. How sad! I wanted to cry like Gezzelle does in Enchanted. Divorce is so darn devastating. :( It makes me sad. So my friend is coming up this weekend to pose for me, and I am feeding him a meal, and baking him cookies. He said he really did need to get out of Kaysville, so I'm hoping i can make him feel a little happier. Poor little fella. I can't imagine what it would be like if my parents divorced. That would really really suck. Did you know that 50% of marriages end in divorce? That sucks! Oh, what a world!