Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Last Baby Name Poll!!!

So I was going to do another two weeks with names from the scriptures, but I am lazy. And I'm due in three weeks so I thought I might as well just do the last poll with all the winners of previous polls. Yes, indeed. The winner of the Foreign Name Poll was Nigel. What a posh, Brittish name! Cool stuff. So here's the list of the finalists, in alphabetical order. The poll will go for about two weeks, ending on April 8th. Please only vote once, (cough, Andrew and Ross). And we shall see what fun name is the winner!

1. Bruce Wayne
Also known as BATMAN!!! And no one is cooler than that. Well, maybe me. Who knows. If we named our son Bruce, his middle name would have to be Wayne. And he would be a hard core, kick butt, ninja man who saved people. And it would be most excellent.

2. Flynn
Yes, Flynn Rider made the finalists after winning the poll for animated characters. But I'm ok with that because Tangled is pretty much a fantastic movie. And my son, if named Flynn, would be quite the stud. Of course, he will be a stud muffin anyway. But as Flynn, he would be 'smouldering.'

3. Henry
I thought it was pretty cool that my Grandpa Bredthauer's name won the family name poll. Probably because he was so hard core. Henry Bredthauer was in the Air Force during World War II and was an airline mechanic, if I am remembering correctly. He was definitely a rough and tough German man. I sure love my grandpa, even though he has passed away. He liked to tell jokes and was quite the goof ball. My son would be a lucky kid to be named after this man. Oh, and I'm in the process of finding a picture of my Grandpa, so that'll be up once I get one. :)

4. Jake
This name came from Jake Gyllenhaal, as the winner of the Actors' Names poll. This guy is a pretty handsome dude, and a good actor, in my opinion. He is in movies such as October Skies, The Day After Tomorrow, Source Code, and he is even the Prince of Persia. That's pretty cool. And my son will also be pretty cool. And if he's anything like me, he'll be pretty dramatic as well. Just like an actor. ;)

5. Nigel
Not gonna lie, I was surprised that this name, which comes from England, won the foreign names poll. But that is totally ok. It's a good, strong name. I don't know many people with the name of Nigel, but I know that pelican from Finding Nemo is named Nigel. That's about it. Oh, and some famous cook who is a judge on food shows is named Nigel. Ya. But as a name from England, it's a pretty good one.

So now is the time to vote again! Choose your favorite of these five finalists and vote! I'm hoping for some pretty intense stuff in this last poll. Hopefully it rocks pretty hard core. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Competition at UVU

I am so darn proud of my B guard! They got first place in their competition yesterday!!! Hip hooray! They did a really great job. Here's a picture of those awesome kids. I sure do love those guys. :) But man, competitions get harder and harder the more pregnant I get. I can't sit still for longer than one color guard. So I watch one, then get up and walk around for a bit, then sit down again, then walk some more. It was a pretty exhausting day. But it was a good one for sure. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Names: Foreign Names

It is time for another poll! There was a three way tie with the last poll. So there was no one winner. What I will be doing then is that for the next day, with the poll ending tomorrow evening at 11:59 PM, these three names will be in their own super poll and we shall find out who will win! Then on Tuesday I will change the poll to these foreign names and that will last until Sunday the 25th and it will be awesome! There are names on this list that we are considering. Totally serious. So vote carefully! We want to see how well our names do. :) So here are the ten names for the next two weeks in alphabetical order.

1. Apollo
This name comes from Greece. It means 'destroyer.'

2. Dario
This name comes from Italy. It means 'upholder of the good.' Ross likes that it rhymes with Mario.

3. D'artagnan
This wonderful name is French. It means 'someone from the city of Artagnan, France.'

4. Desmond
This great name comes from Ireland. It means 'a man from Desmond.'

5. Fernando
This name, which reminds me of Abba, comes from Spain. It means 'daring or adventurous.'

6. Godfried
This name comes from the country of Denmark. It means 'God peace.'

7. Gunther
This outstanding name comes from Gerany. It means 'war army.'

8. Nigel
This regal name comes from England. It means 'champion.'

9. Saeed
This uniquely awesome name is Arabic. It means 'fortunate or auspicious.'

10. Vyacheslav
This manly name comes from Russia. It means 'big fame.'