Friday, March 1, 2013

The Most Important Thing

Color guard has pretty much been my life for the past 2 years. It was really hard to suddenly be thrown out of that world. Suddenly, I have all this time at home with Nigel, and no winter guard shows to write or work on. What was I supposed to do with my time? I started out with some crying, lots of crying and then I moved on to moping and playing on my phone. 
Next came the time when I fixed up all my old color guard equipment that I own. I need it to stay nice so that it is nice when I'm a director again. (And I will be one again, so be prepared...) 
I then finished up making an afghan for my niece, Rachel. I adore that little princess! So here's a picture of her since she's just so darn cute.
I then began another afghan that will be given to my next niece or nephew I guess. All I know is that I'm entering it into the fair in August. Hopefully I'll win some moneys from it. Too bad I already noticed a mistake, but I'm not gonna pull out all that crocheting to fix it. I'm too lazy. 
I started another project of which I cannot say at the moment because it is going to be a surprise. Just know that Nigel got in the way a lot while I have been getting stuff ready for it. 
It's been a little over a month since I was fired. It was been really hard to be at home all day with Nigel. I'm getting better at it as time goes. 
Even with this large setback in my life, one thing has been constant: My Family. Ross has been there for me through every breakdown and venting session. He always shows that he loves me, even when I've been really out of it and got nothing done all day. Ross works so hard to take care of me and Nigel. He is a wonderful husband and a spectacular father. Nigel gets so excited whenever Ross comes home, it is so fun to see! I love my husband!
Nigel has been growing so fast. I wonder if I would have even noticed if I was still focusing on color guard. It seems like my little boy is learning new things every day. Nigel is getting so tall and so much fun to play with! He has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I am so lucky that I get to have this child smile at me every single day. He's been giving hugs, too. Which is wonderful and amazing. I am totally in love with this little boy! 

Struggles and setbacks will always come up in my life. Trials will always be there. My family is my most important thing. As long as I have them, I know everything will be ok.