Thursday, July 21, 2011

Insurance Sucks, But Harry Potter Does Not

I hate insurance. That is all there is to it. I can get covered anywhere, because I am all healthy and stuff. But Ross is another story. I have this great job where I am able to get benefits. We signed up for medical and vision insurance. Got information about it in the mail yesterday. Due to Ross's pre-existing condition, he can't be covered by the insurance for another year. Stupid? Yes, I do think so. And Ross even needs it more than I do. Pa-thet-ick. yes indeed.
Well, last Saturday Ross and I traveled down to Kaysville. My parents, who are awesome, took us to see the new Harry Potter movie. Unfortunately, it is the last Harry Potter movie. The movie was intense and awesome. They did a good job with it. Sorry Julie, we did not see the 3D version. But I was ok with that because 3D movies give me a retched headache. But the movie was good. I think they made the beginning scenes too short, and everything else too long. Just saying. It was a good movie, but I was expecting quite a bit more from the finale. Oh, well. It was still really good.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friends At Work

I'm sorry that there aren't any pictures with this post, but I don't really have any pictures that would work for it. I hope you all like to read...
Summertime is surely fantastic. I love the sunshine! Life has been going pretty great for me. I am really enjoying my new job at Convergys. I'm making a lot of really good friends in my training group. Here's a little something about the friends I've made.
Becky is a really awesome girl. She is a little shy, but a lot of fun once you get her out of her shell. She went to Layton High School and didn't like Davis very much. I felt the same way about her school. She's a year younger than me.
Camie is totally crazy and tons of fun. She always has something sarcastic to say, and I do love sarcastic people. She is engaged, but the ring isn't finished yet. The ring is is going to cost her lover $22,000 dollars. Absolutely ridiculous. The maid diamond is 3.5 karots. Wow. She's a lot of fun to goof off with.
Taylor is a really awesome girl who is also married to Carson, another of my fiends in class. Taylor is in the army, which I think is pretty kick butt awesome. She loves to quote movies. Carson has a goatee because, as he says, he looks like a twelve year old when he doesn't have facial hair. Which is unfortunate.
Alex is this freaking hilarious guy. He's 29 and only has about half of his hair left on his head. He is really tall and has a great sense of humor. He plays the guitar and is majoring in Computer Science at USU.
Tom is a middle aged man with two kids and a wife that makes great desserts, or so he says. He's a really nice guy and is also very smart. We like to crack jokes together, and that is pretty much cool beans.
Another of my buddies is Joe. He actually lives in Layton but is trying to find a place in Logan for his family. So he commutes over an hour to and from work each day. Crazy. He used to fly Thunderbirds in the military. And he has gotten to shake President Obama's hand. He has two little daughters that are stinking adorable, he showed me pictures, so I know.
Amanda is one of my trainers. I haven't seen her for a week because she's been out of town. She loves sports and has a 5 year old step-daughter who she loves very much. She is proud of herself because she used to be really over-weight and now only weighs half of what she used to weigh. Way to go, Amanda.
JD is the other trainer and he is freaking hilarious. His favorite color is pink and he has a wife and son named Owen. He loves to brag about his family, which I think is pretty cute. He loves shoes and when I asked him how many pairs of shoes he had his reply was: "About 52 pairs." Holy crap.
Anyway, that's just a little about my friends at work. I really enjoy it. I think I will probably stick around this company for a while. I would like to be a trainer eventually. I told JD and he said that I should work really hard to be really great at everything we're learning. And he said to remind him and he would introduce me to the right people. Woot!