Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fat Burning Dance Party

So I have been getting some fat to accumulate upon my midsection. I decided that I need to get in shape. Not just because of the fat, but because I have so little energy, and energy is important. I need to be able to climb two flights of stairs without being winded. I am pathetic. In my search for exercise routine, I contacted my elder sister, Sarah. She is wise in the ways of staying fit. I have admired her for quite some time because she is so healthy and awesome. Anyway, she suggested that I do yoga then pilates. And she also said that instead of buying a dvd or something, I should get a library card and check something out of the library.
So I got a library card for the Logan City Library. Woo hoo! I couldn't find a picture of the library, but here is the post office. The library is just north east of it. Woot. It is a pretty nice library, I like it anyway. So I was looking at their exercise dvd's and couldn't find any power yoga ones. Pretty much I'm just wanting to burn fat for a bit, then tone my body. I think it is a good idea. Anyway, most of the stuff was like Pilates for Dummies or Yoga for Men (which Ross says would be like, "Now see if you are able to reach down past your knees. Don't worry if you can't, this is normal.") So I found one that I thought sounded good: Fat Burning Dance Party. My thoughts were that I love to dance, and I need to burn fat. So woot! I checked it out.
This morning I tried out my Dance Party, and I'm pretty sure I did burn fat. So Jennifer Galardi, who was the wonderful dance teacher on the dvd, is pretty much just as cheesy as every single teacher on any fitness movie you will ever find. Although I felt like a fool for pretty much the entire workout, it was fun and I could feel my body working hard. Yes. You are probably thinking I'm an idiot, just because you can see the cover of this dvd here, but hey, I think it's gonna help me out. Next week I'll get a different exercise movie. I showed Ross some of the moves I learned and he couldn't stop laughing. Obviously, I was wise to do my dancing when none of my roommates were home.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great Movies, Great Music

So I've had the great opportunity to see two new movies this past week, both of which had excellent music. The first one that I went to see was with my family, Avatar. This movie was absolutely incredible! As my dad said, "It's a movie for Melanie because none of it is real." That may be true, but I think it makes a spectacular sci-fi! Many people have said that if you've seen the preview, you've seen the movie; *cough *Ross... But I say otherwise. After watching the preview, you can know what the plot is. However, there are many more characters and twists in the story that aren't revealed until you watch the entire film. The music was written by James Horner. Woot woot! I thought the musical score was great! I might buy the soundtrack. But I don't know. The music really added to the feel of the movie. I loved it! I strongly recommend seeing Avatar!
Today I got to see another movie I've been wanting to see: Sherlock Holmes. This movie was also quite spectacular! I do have to say that it was a little dark at times, but I really enjoyed it. It didn't catch my taste as well as Avatar did, but it was really good. I would say that my dear sister Sarah would probably freaking love it. It was done very well and the acting was amazing. I was really impressed with Robert Downy Jr. Although, when he was shirtless I was a little shocked not to see him with a big light in the middle of his chest like in Iron Man. Oh, well... The music from this movie was composed by Hans Zimmer, one of my favorite composers! And it is marvelous music. This soundtrack I bought today. And actually, I'm listening to it right now. :) It's super good. I recommend this movie as well.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Break

Ross and I had our own gift exchange prior to Christmas because we had to do it before we left to our own families. I had a ton of fun shopping for Ross! I've never had anyone to spoil before, so I went a little nuts. But only a little. And I think Ross went a little nuts, too. Well, not as much as me. But still. Here is a picture of the pile of presents that I got Ross. Hooray! I made him a blanket and got him two shirts, a sweater, and five movies: Iron Man, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Mystery Men, and Kung Fu Panda. :) All great movies! Ross got me the Leven Thumps book series, which I have never read but have wanted to, tennis balls so I can learn to juggle, the X-men trilogy, the Star Wars Prequel trilogy, Iron Man, Batman Begins, the Dark Knight, the board game Sorry, and some Milky Way candy bars. :) Ya, we must both have great taste in movies since we both got each other three of the same movies! Bwahahaha! We sure had a good laugh about that. But it's all good. Woot. Oh, so also here is a picture of my handsome true love Ross wearing one of the shirts and the sweater that I got him! He is such a freaking stud muffin! :) And I had so much fun buying Ross the clothes I got him! I spent a good penny at Khol's, but I think overall we spent about the same amount of money on each other. It was really fun! I sure did enjoy that.
So on Christmas Eve the Bredthauer family had our annual dinner and talent show. It was pretty great this year. My cousin Scott, who's wife, Lariann, died in May, is now dating this really great woman name Ariane, who came to the family talent show. She is so freaking cool! I know Ariane from when I was in marching band at Davis High. She was one of the adult leaders. She was in charge of woodwinds, I believe. She's a freaking awesome person. And now she's dating my cousin! Wowie. I have to say that every since Lariann was diagnosed with cancer, Scott could be happy, but you could always tell there was something there stressing him out. And now, I have to say that I don't remember a time that I have seen Scott this happy. It's been about three years since Lariann was diagnosed and it is so amazing to me how happy Scott is now. Seeing him and Ariane together is so amazing. They are such a happy little couple! I'm really happy that they have each other. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see Scott so happy, as well as Ariane. They deserve it. So with the great variety of talents that my extended family has, it's always quite a fun experience to see what each family comes up with. My family usually does something silly, but still talented. We are pretty talented folk. This year, because Sarah and Andrew were in Hawaii, we all dressed in Hawaii outfits and sang Mele kaliki maka. I probably totally slaughtered the spelling, but we were pretty awesome. :)
So Christmas was pretty good this year. Santa was a little lacking in money this year so the presents weren't as spectacular or plentiful as they usually are. But it was still a good day. The picture is of all of the gifts I got from Santa. Woot! It was nice to just be with my siblings and to play games and all that. My dear dog Sparky got a snake toy that has a squeaker in each segment. He really likes it. It is a good tug-of-war toy for him.