Tuesday, September 24, 2013

After Ross Graduates

Ross should be graduating at the end of this upcoming Spring Semester. It has me so excited! He's worked so hard at his Aviation Degree and with getting all his flight hours. I'm really proud of him.
On a more selfish note...
As much as I love Cache Valley, I'm ready to get out of here. I have no more opportunities of the color guard sort in this valley. I went to the BBI marching band competition on Saturday, and I just feel so much passion for the artistic sport! It's my dream and the hardest thing in the world was getting it taken away from me. I don't think I'd have so much passion for color guard if I wasn't meant to do it. And thus I am very excited for Ross to graduate and to move wherever he gets a job and find a marching band to be a part of.
On a similar note, I still write guard shows in my head when I listen to music. And I always find new music that I want to make a show to. I've pretty much got the next 50 years planned out. Not really, but I do have a playlist on my iTunes that is currently 55 songs long. I know music will change over the years, but it is important to have a variety of music to find something that will fit will with whatever group I'm working with.
It sure is exciting to be coming to the end of this part of our lives, and I can't wait to move on to bigger and better things!

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Day at the Park

Yesterday Nigel and I went to the park with our friends Aimee and Eliza. Eliza is just a few months younger than Nigel and they get along really well. Aimee and I thought they were both just so cute, so we took a couple pictures of them. And I thought I would share them here!
The two kiddos were hitting the bench together. It was quite musical.
Hiding out in a tube tunnel. They were so fun to watch interacting with each other!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lava Hot Springs

Over Labor Day weekend my family got to go up to Lava Hot Springs. Nigel and I went up Friday and Ross joined us on Sunday. It was fun to be there with my parents and siblings as well as the Fassmann family and the Roberts family. It was quite the party! Here's a whole bunch of pictures from the fun weekend!
Riding up in my parent's car. Nigel had fun next to his Aunt Leslie!
One of Nigel's favorite things about camping is the air mattresses. They are apparently very fun to jump and wrestle on.
Nigel has begun to use things as 'swords.' Here is one of his first times doing so with a plastic butter knife.
We had to go to the pool and Nigel had so much fun at the kids' splash area.
My son sure does love to splash, so this was perfect for him.
Nigel with his Grandma Bredthauer. I have such a good mom.
Hey, Rachel, you should take a nap, you silly niece of mine! Looking good, Sarah.
Sarah, Leslie, and Daniel. Such great siblings I have.
Hello, Rachel, baby! She is such a precious little girl. 
Do you like the water, Nigel?
Don't be sad, Rachel!
Nigel discovered Cheese Balls on this trip and was obsessed with them. Here he was able to fit two of them into his mouth at once.
It's a good thing Nigel's grandma has such a fun app on her phone!
Hanging out in the car with Grandpa. That boy sure loves his grandpa!
Nigel found a stick and began swinging it around and shouting. I think he was fighting off invisible orcs.
The Fassmann folks playing a vigorous board game.

Sarah Roberts, my mom, Leslie, and Hannah Fassmann. Hanging out on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Rachel  and Sarah! It was so fun to hang out with them. I have missed them as they live in Washington.
It's a good thing we all had our phones. Daniel is demonstrating how the camping went for most of us.
Ross made it! I was so happy to have my husband here with us.
Nigel feeding some Cheese Balls to his Uncle Matt.
Matt and Daniel. We went for a Sunday drive and found some cool rocks to explore.
Nigel was so darn happy to be with his Dad.
Sarah, Rachel, Leslie, Mom, and Dad. They didn't come climb the rocks with us.
Daniel, Ross, and Nigel.
Matt and Daniel climbed as high as they could go.
Nigel had gotten really hot this day, so we took off his pants. He loved just having on a diaper.
Checking out Soda Spring. It was pretty uneventful as we missed the geyser by 5 minutes.
That Grandpa sure is a fun one! Rachel loved being up do high.
Drum sticks! Excellent! Go Nigel!
Ross really missed Nigel, too. I sure do love those boys.
Nigel and Rachel playing at the park! My sister and I sure are fantastic at making babies. They are both so adorable!