Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's Talk About Chirstmas

Last weekend, the 16th through the 20th was spent in Kaysville with my awesome sauce parentals and siblings. It was a lot of fun. On the Saturday we had a Pitt family Christmas party at Golden Corral. It's an ongoing tradition of sorts. And the food was awesome. Sunday we had church with the family and that was nice. My dad gave the sunday school lesson. Go Dad! Monday morning my Dad was Santa for the preschool. Later on Monday Ross had a check up with his doctor at the Primary Children Hospital. He is alive and his aorta has not exploded. Thank goodness. The doctor told us that we would probably want to get an in depth ultra sound of our baby's heart to make sure it is not like Ross's. So we may be doing that in the next month or two or so. I have an appointment with my OB/GYN on Thursday and I will ask him what he thinks. After Ross was done at the doctor we went to the Gateway and had a party there for a few hours. Just walked around and looked at stuff and enjoyed each others' company. It was really nice. We had dinner at the food court because I wanted Chinese and Ross wanted Subway. Hooray for food courts! It was lovely. After dinner we went and looked at the lights on Temple Square. They were beautiful. It was a nice day spent together for sure. We left and came back up to Logan on Tuesday.
On the 23rd we headed up to Afton, WY for Christmas. Ross got pulled over on our way up and got a ticket. Tee hee! He always gives me a hard time because I've gotten two tickets since we've known each other and this was his first. Awesome. Well, when we arrived at Ross's parents' house it was 13 degrees below 0. Brr. ya, it was really cold there. Saturday was just a fun day around the house. My brother-in-law, Jason was there with his wife Shalee and kids Eli, Elsie, and Archer. Those kids are stinkin' adorable. sister-in-law, Lark was also there. Grandma Lark and Uncle Pete also showed up on Christmas Eve. I spent a few hours at the Cottage, which is a fabric/craft/party store my mother-in-law owns. We spent a lot of time looking through a big bin of buttons, which I enjoyed saying. I had a lot of fun just chatting with her and getting to know her better. She is awesome!
Christmas Day was also a lot of fun. Ross and I got up around 7:30. I went downstairs to where the presents were and Elsie came running out in the nude screaming excitedly and pointing at the presents. I have no idea what she was saying, but she sure was excited! (she's 2 years old) I told her she should probably get some clothes on and she rushed off to do so. We had church at 9, so we didn't open the presents until after church, but we did go through our stockings! It was really awesome because Santa came! I had put a candy bar in my stocking and also Ross's, but in the morning there was all sorts of goodies! I got a really cute ty brand beanie baby. Ross was not impressed, but I sure was excited. It was really fun to see Eli and Elsie get ecstatic about their goodies and gifts. That was probably my favorite part, seeing how happy and thrilled they were about everything. That makes me really excited for when I have a bunch of kids that will get excited, too. :)After sacrament meeting was over we opened presents. And boy was that epic! Ross and I got a good haul. We got a big box and a little box of diapers. It is good to start getting prepared I guess. We also got some little things for the baby as well as a pack-n-play playpen thing for the kid. Oh, and a hiking backpack/child carrier. It will be epic. We also got a new digital camera so that we can take pictures of our son once he is here. We got clothes, candy, and some photo albums. It was a pretty spectacular Christmas! The rest of the day was spent relaxing for the adults and playing with the toys for the kids.
Monday morning came and Ross was sick. He gets really bad migraines a few times a year and he feels like he's gonna throw up and such. So he slept in a whole lot. I did most of the packing of the car and such and we left that afternoon. It was a wonderful weekend in Wyoming! I sure do love my in-laws. They are wonderful!
And that is my Christmas post. Woot! Sorry there aren't more pictures. Ross and I are just starting to use our new camera, and then we will have lots of pictures of our adventures that I can use. :D
OH, sorry no pictures again, blogger thing is being retarded still. I'm trying to work it out. Lame sauce.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Glow

So apparently pregnant women have a special glow about them. I've never really seen it. But I guess I'm one of those women that glow when pregnant. We had a ward member mention it to Ross on Sunday that I was all aglow in pregnancy. And then color guard girls at practice last night were all bubbly and giddy about how I was glowing. And they all had to rub my tummy. At least they asked first. That is a good thing.
On another note, I finished a blanket for my son. It's pretty awesome. And it will keep him toasty and warm in the cold winters of Logan. I tried to upload a picture, but it keeps putting the HTML version up, which is just letters and stuff. Lame sauce.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Little Baby

Yesterday I had my 20 week ultra sound. Ultra sounds are amazing. I just think it is so cool that they put this thing on my belly and I can see my baby on a tv screen. Technology astounds me. The baby is totally healthy! This first picture is of the little one's face. You can see the nose and lips, there's an arrow pointing at them in case you are confused. :) Such a cutie pie!
In this next picture you can see the four chambers of the heart. How amazing that I got to see the heart pumping in my little one! Cool stuff for sure.
This is a picture of the baby's spine. A very healthy little spine if I do say so myself.
And this last picture is of what makes the little baby a man. :) It's a boy! And Ross and I are very excited to meet the little fellow in April.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Don't Like Doctor Appointments

So back in October when I had my first ever doctor appointment for the baby, I set up another appointment for this Friday, the 2nd. I put it in my phone so I wouldn't forget. I put it in my phone as being at 9:00 AM. Cool stuff, right? But for some reason when they reminded me of this appointment when I had my November check up, they said it was at 10:00. I guess that is ok. Just an hour, right? So today I get a reminder call for the appointment. The computer said that the appointment is at 10:45. Do we seriously need to do that? I don't know. I thought it was ridiculous. Why this would happen, I have no idea. But that is why I don't like doctor appointments right now. At least I get to find out the gender of my baby tomorrow. Supposing it reveals its genitalia.