Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Casual Vacancy

J. K. Rowling, the wonderful author of the Harry Potter series, recently came out with an adult novel: The Casual Vacancy. Me, being a great lover of Harry Potter, wanted to give this book a try. Now, when I read a bad book, I usually push on for a while to see if it gets better. I got 22 pages in. And I'm taking it back to the library. Here are my reasons that people SHOULD NOT read this book:

1. Astounding amounts of swearing.
2. The town the story takes place in is dull.
3. There are far too many characters that don't even apply to the plot.
4. Inappropriate explanations of sexual things.
5. Not written in a way to engage.
6. A completely boring read.

Now I know some of these are quite my opinion, but after looking up a good number of reviews for this book, it turns out I'm not alone in my thinking.
This post is simply to inform you not to waste your time reading, or starting to read, this book. And to Rowling: Stick to young adult fantasy. That's what your good at.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Playing at the Park

Today Ross and I got the internet in our apartment! So now I am excited to be posting more on this wonderful blog of mine. 
These pictures were taken a while ago, but there is a park about 5 blocks from our apartment and it is super fun. Nigel loves playing there, and I love getting out of the house and playing with Nigel. It is a really nice park and we love it! One Sunday evening we all went to the park to play.
Ross and Nigel up so high on the play-gym thing. 

Nigel loves to swing! 

There are these fun drums at the park that Nigel loves to play.  He has so much fun there!
I love my family so much! It is so weird that Nigel is a 1-year-old now. I can't believe how fast time has flown! He's a wonderful boy and I am so blessed to be his mother.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Nigel Is A Year Old!!!

I really need to blog more often. And I really do want to, I just don't have the internet at my apartment and it's hard to get out to the library to get online. However, at the end of the month Ross and I will be getting the internet and my posts should go up! I hope so anyway.
Here's a few updates on life for us Bateman folk:
~I am applying for jobs for the summer. Ross isn't able to work as much as usual since the Obama-care thing. His work can't afford to give insurance to the employees, such as Ross, so he will be working less and needing to fly planes more. So I'm looking for a job, which is kind of fun.
~I went to the Utah Color Guard Circuit Championships. Leslie, my dear sister, came along with me. It was really hard. I miss color guard so much, but it is really what makes me happy. I love the sunshine we've been having and I go out and spin my flag a lot. It is so wonderful! The Mountain Crest kids got first. I am proud of them. However, I thought their show was boring. Definitely a judge-pleaser not a audience-pleaser. Oh, well. I guess they can turn into AF if they want to. I'm not there to stop them anymore.
~Yesterday was Nigel's birthday! So I now officially have a toddler. Eek! Nigel has been walking all over the place. It is so crazy! He took his first step two weeks ago and just keeps picking up speed with the walking. It is nuts. I am so proud of my handsome little boy! He is so precious to me and I am so happy that I have him in my life. He is truly a blessing.
Sorry I didn't have any pictures. I'm at the library and didn't have time to put some on a thumb drive before coming. But that is ok!
Also, I rode my bike here. Go me! I have bad knees, and my awesome therapist cousin says that riding a bike is really good for my knees. And I rode my bike. Woot! But my knees were sure sore when I arrived. And I still have to bike home. Lovely. I is good for me though. ;)