Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Weekend in Wyoming

This past weekend, the 18th-20th, I got to go up to Wyoming to stay with Ross's parents. On the ride up, Ross drove. He kind of had a hard time getting the care to go. He's not that used to driving stick, but it's all good. Once we got going there wasn't a problem.We were behind this thing for the longest time! And it reminded me of my last year of marching band because our field show was Four Winds. So I just had to take a picture.
I got to go to a reception for Ross's high school best friend, Brent, and his wife, Jessica, who I have gotten to know really well. The reception was pretty awesome. It was very simple, and that was nice. I got to help decorate the car. It was nowhere near as intense as Sarah and Andrew's was, but hey, it's Wyoming. ;) JK, but seriously.... We had a lot of fun there. Ross didn't catch the garter and I wasn't paying attention for the time when they threw the bouquet. Actually, I don't even know if they did throw it. But still, I guess we're not the next to get married...
The next morning led to a great day. It started out with Ross's mom, Cathy, giving us both haircuts. Ross got more of the cut, and I just got a trim. It was very nice of Cathy to do that for us both. Woot! And there's a picture of Ross getting his hair cut. It was ridiculous how long his hair had gotten! I was surprised how much hair was on the floor when she was done, crazy.
After our hair fest, Ross went outside to mow the lawn. It was really funny because as soon as Cathy saw him outside on the riding lawn mower, she said, "Ross is mowing the lawn! I have to get the video camera!" And she did. And she recorded Ross mowing the lawn. So obviously as soon as Ross knew he was being taped, he started acting all cool on the mower. It was pretty hilarious.
So while Ross was mowing the lawn, I was pulling weeds. Woot! I like pulling weeds. It is fun. I was done pulling the weeds before Ross was done with the lawn, which is pretty big, so I decided to go on a kitten hunt. About a week before Ross and I got there, Cathy's cat, Pearl, had kittens. Nobody knew where they were because she would always just sneak off and disappear to feed them and such. I went to look in the shed in the back yard. I heard a scuffle, looked up on a shelf, and out came the mommy cat from a big box. As soon as she was gone I went and looked in the box and found the baby kitties! There are four: two black, one white, and one that is black and gray striped. They were so cute! I got them out of the box where they were all piled on top of each other, as there wasn't a lot of space in there. I put a towel on the bottom of a kennel and put the kittens in there. The momma cat liked it. Cathy put the kennel in the garage so that the mom could be closer to her food and not have to leave her kids as much. They are cute kittens! Sorry, the picture isn't very good, I was shaking with excitement at finding the kitties!
After we had finished working in the yard and making kitties comfy, Ross wanted me to see a cattle drive because I had never seen one before. It wasn't as exciting as I had expected because the people were only moving about twenty-five at a time. Lame sauce. But it was still cool. I moo-ed at the cows and they all gave me funny looks. Cows are weird. They always have the exact same expression on their faces. Oh, well. It was fun to see all the mama cows walking and the baby cows getting excited to be going somewhere.
After lunch I wanted to go up to "downtown" Afton. It's not really all that intense because there isn't much up there. But I wanted to get a souvaneir spoon because I collect those. And Afton has the world's largest elk-horn arch. Which is pretty intense. The picture is me standing in front of it. It was pretty cool. So I was pretty bummed because the gift shop was closed by the time Ross and I got there. Lame sauce, so I didn't get a spoon. I guess I"ll have to go back some other time. Sheesh. But I wouldn't mind because it is really beautiful in Star Valley.
So mostly Ross and I just walked around and looked at stuff and I got a ton of pictures. But I don't want to put them all up here so I'll just do a few. Here's me on an Afton, Wyoming bench. They had like ten of these all over the place. And here's Ross with a wooden penguin. That was in a bookstore that we looked around in. The selection was not nearly as much as is in the Books of Yesterday in Logan. Woot. Then there's us both with a mama bear and baby bear. Don't worry, they're fake. I think it was just really fun to walk around and be silly with Ross. I totally love that man! He's so amazing. I like that I can be my crazy self and he doesn't care because he is crazy, too. :) I love him, a lot!
After our adventure around Afton, Ross and I went on a hike to the Intermittent Spring. It was awesome because last time I went, it was too early in the year so it wasn't stopping. But this time, the water stopped! And then it started again! It was so cool! I really enjoyed the hike, too. It was beautiful up there! I really love to hike. And it was fun to get to know some of Ross's friends. It was some people from his high school group of friends that we hiked with. It was a lot of fun!
That evening we had yummy pizza with Ross's parentals. I freaking love pizza! It was from Pizza Hut. Amazing! I really like Ross's parents. His dad is a pretty cool guy. He works at the dump. I'll admit I was kind of scared of him for a while, but once I got to know him he was good. And his mom is so freaking awesome! She reminds me a whole lot of my mom. They both like to sew, quilt, buy glass nick-knacks, and are both someone disorganized. But in a good way. I think that if they ever meet each other they would be good friends. Anyway, after the pizza Ross and I went out with his friends again and we watched Hook on a big screen tv. I love that movie! As we were getting ready to go out, Ross dressed like a gangsta. He's such a stud muffin... :)
The next day was Sunday and I went to church with Ross and his parents. It was a lot of fun to meet neighbors. They all were talking about what a good guy Ross is and how lucky I am to have someone like him. :) I think he's a great man. I love him so freaking much!
Well, that's the end of my adventures in Wyoming. It was a great weekend! And it ended well. Ross's parents hugged me goodbye. That's a good sign. I really like those guys. And I can't wait to go back up!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So what's with squirrels? There's always romping around campus, making loud chirpy squeaks to each other, and leaping from tree to tree with food in their mouths. I have witnessed all of these incidents. Which is pretty cool. Then I got scolded by my roommates for slamming on the brakes when I was driving and a squirrel decided to bolt out into the road! I didn't want to hit the little critter, but then my roomies were upset. Humph. And the squirrel just sat there in the middle of the road and I honked at it. Then it moved. So I got to thinking, there are so many more squirrels in the world than just Logan, Utah squirrels. And thus I went to the internet to find all sorts of squirrels!Baby squirrels.Toddler squirrels.Adult squirrels.Flying squirrels.
White squirrels.Black squirrels.Pirate squirrels.
Army squirrels.Russian sniper squirrels.Super squirrels.
Jedi squirrels.Sith squirrels.
Wowie! What awesome squirrels! Well, in all honesty, I was just thinking about the squirrel that I almost hit with the car, and I looked up squirrels on google and found a bunch of fun pictures that I wanted to put on my blog! That and I don't want to work on my homework. :)