Thursday, February 25, 2010


On Tuesday of this week, Ross proposed to me! Finally! Now I'm gonna be getting married. Woo hoo! I took a ton of pictures of the ring, trying to get a good one. This one is the best I could get. Blah. I did my best!
Here's how it went. The day was a spectacular one. I got my federal tax refund back in the morning, and in the afternoon I sold my old Oakridge apartment contract! Hooray! It was quite a fantastical day for sure. When I got home from all my doings, Ross asked me if I would like to go for a walk. Of course, I said yes because I love to walk and talk to Ross, as well as to hold his hand. Woot! So we walked to Adam's park which is where Ross and I shared our first kiss together. :) We played on the playground a little bit, then climbed on the rock climby thingy. That was fun. We ended up just sitting on top of the rock-climber-ma-jigger and our hands were getting really cold. Then, Ross took my hand in his. The ring was in his hand! I felt it and got all jittery. Ross then asked me to marry him. With a classic Melanie squeal of delight, I said yes. Then Ross put the ring on my finger and we kissed. Oh yes, that was one of the best days thus far in my life.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kaysville Days

This past week I had the opportunity to go home to Kaysville for a few days and spend time with my awesome family. Monday night my cousin, Scott, proposed to Ariane Stevens. There was a huge party at Scott's house afterward. It was super fun and there was tons of food. Cookies, pie, shrimp, smokeys, soda; pretty much just a bunch of yummy stuff. Here's a picture of the happy couple. :) Matt is in an adult roles class at Davis High and had a little robot baby thing. It was crying a lot at the party, and Matt had a hard time keeping it quiet. He named the baby Debbie, after my aunt. It was really funny to see Matt with the baby. We all would take turns holding little Debbie. It was pretty fun. Leslie and Daniel never really left the table. They were eating the refreshments the entire time. Silly little children.
At home I was able to get help on the quilt I am making. My mom is a master quilter. She has made so freaking many quilts in her life, it was only obvious that I would go to her for help. Pretty much all day Tuesday I was working on my quilt. Which was too bad that I couldn't be with Ross because it was the 8 month anniversary of our first kiss. But that's ok, because I love my family and being home with them. Here's a picture of my quilt thus far. It's now in strips. I just have to sew them together and then put on the border then the top will be done! Woo hoo! I'm excited for that.
On Wednesday I helped my mom out in the preschool, but not really. I just got Patrick the bearded dragon out of his cage and took him down for the preschool kids to see. They were learning the letter 'L' and Patrick is a lizard, which starts with 'L', hence I touched the nasty thing. You see, Patrick and I don't get along very well. A few years ago I was holding him on my stomach while I was laying on the couch watching tv. Out of nowhere he jumped, with his mouth open, to my throat. Bearded dragons are not the friendliest looking lizards, not even close. I put my hands under Patrick and threw him away, he booked it back at me. It is pretty terrifying when a huge, horn-covered lizard is attacking you. Matt caught him and he was put back in his cage. Since then, I've never touched Patrick. But on Wednesday I did. And here's a picture to show it.
Now I'm back in Logan and it is so freaking much colder than down in Kaysville. Which is kind of lame.