Monday, November 12, 2012

Band Trip Anyone?

Nigel and I had the fun opportunity to go on a band trip with the Mountain Crest band on the first weekend in November. We traveled to St. George. I was slightly surprised that I was not as excited for a band trip as I was in high school. I must be growing up. Or maybe I was just nervous about having Nigel the whole time. Whatever.
Nigel and I on the bus and all ready to leave!
The trip went really well. On Thursday, the first, we headed out in the morning and stopped for rehearsal at Viewmont High School. We had a spectacular rehearsal and got tons of stuff accomplished. It was awesome. Then we got back to the buses and headed on our merry way all the way down to St. George. Nigel was very sick of the bus ride by the end of the day. Me too. The Seniors and staff members all got to go out to eat at the Pizza Factory, and it was awesome.
Nigel and I hanging out while the trailer gets unloaded. Then the rehearsal will begin!
Hooray for marching band!
Nigel really loves all the people at band. He gets so excited around those guys!
You really get this whole bed to yourself, Mama?
Day two was Friday. Since that comes after Thursday. We got up and headed North to Southern Utah University where the kids got a tour of campus. Nigel and I just hung out in a common area. Then we had a rehearsal on their field. And it was another spectacular rehearsal! It was awesome. After the rehearsal we got a buffet meal on campus and it was delicious. That evening we had the Red Rocks Band Invitational competition at Dixie State College. My awesome sauce Dad was down by then so he took Nigel and they played the whole competition. Nigel loves his grandpa! The band did fantastic! We didn't place, but I didn't care because it was their most amazing show yet!
Nigel was so happy to play with his grandpa!
Nigel fell asleep with his hearing protection ear muffs. And that is Angie, who is the drum major. She conducts the music for the whole band. She's my buddy because she's awesome. Oh, and she adores Nigel.
Nigel and I found Leslie! Yes, the Davis High Band was there too.
Saturday was the Bands Of America Regional competition. And that is kind of a big deal. Preliminary competitions took place in the morning and afternoon, finals in the evening. The top ten bands in prelims make it to finals. Those Mountain Crest kids did freaking amazing! Their show was beautiful and incredible and I am so proud of them. It was so spectacular and definitely their best show ever! Unfortunately, we did not make it to the top ten. We were number 11! It was really frustrating. Most of the students were crying and I got to help calm them down. They really had a fantastic show so it was hard that they didn't make it to finals. However, band number 10 only beat  us by 0.2 points! Holy moly. That was ridiculous. But that's ok. Nigel again got to spend most of the day with his grandpa who took him shopping and to play at his hotel. What a wonderful grandpa Nigel has!
Getting ready for one last pep-talk before heading out for the competition.
"I'm so happy to play with Grandpa Bredthauer all day!"
Saturday was sure one long, exhausting, band-filled day!
This is one of our backdrops. They go on the back of the field and the color guard hides behind them when they change equipment or their uniform. I want this one to put on my wall at home. :)
Me and Nigel, who is making a funny face as usual. He got that new hat when he was shopping with my dad.
After the competition we drove strait home all through the night. We arrived in Hyrum at 4:40 Sunday morning. Then I got to wake up Ross and have him come pick up Nigel and I. Nigel did so good on the bus ride home, he was exhausted so he slept the whole ride back.
It was such a wonderful band trip and a fantastic end to a awesome season. Hooray for Mountain Crest!