Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Dinosaur Park

A couple of weeks ago Nigel and I got to go to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden with my mom and her preschool kids. Nigel loved seeing the dinosaurs, but was afraid of them so would keep his distance. He is a fun boy. He refused to stay in his stroller, so we just kind of meandered around on our own and explored. It was a lot of fun. Here's pictures from the event.
Excited to see some dinosaurs!
Nigel was very fascinated with the dinosaur fossils.
I also thought they were very cool. There was one point where I wanted to be a paleontologist.
A T-Rex! The preschool kids loved this one best.
Time for some lunch before we walk the park!
There is a triceratops behind me, but Nigel would not get close enough for a picture.
Nigel would not get any closer to this dinosaur. He was scared when I stepped away to get a picture. 
Walking along a little adventure trail or something.
Checking out an ankylosaurus.
Nigel was finally figuring out that it was ok to get up against the fence and look at the dinos.
The water dinosaurs were pretty cool.
Nigel watching some bigger kids digging up fossils.
Nigel decided to join them. He thought it was awesome to play in the sand.
A kind young boy shared his brush with Nigel, who used it as a shovel of sorts.
Nigel preferred to just let the sand flow through his hands and fingers.
Nigel really liked this little dinosaur.
Gonna go down the slide! He was a little scared of it, but kept wanting to go down it.
Nigel thought this frog on the playground was pretty cool. 
It was a fun time together and we were both exhausted at the end. So we took some nice naps when we got home. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My 2 Year Old

So I have obviously been very lazy when it comes to blog posts. But Nigel had a birthday on April 11th! He turned 2. I can't believe that he is that big! It is really fun. On his birthday the USU winter guard had a performance and then family came over for cake and ice cream and Nigel opening presents. Here's some pictures from the festivities:
Nigel got to open a present in the morning. 5 new cars! He was thrilled.
Nigel was so excited to have people at his house.
Nigel got some new ducks and had to run get his other ducks so they could be together.
A book!
This was a flag that I made for Nigel. He didn't really understand that it was just for him.
Nigel's favorite gift was this tricycle. He still rides it all over the apartment.
So good at eating his birthday cake with a fork.
The next day we had to play outside with Nigel. He loves that tricycle!

What do you think, Nigel?
Daddy demonstrating how to use the pedals. Nigel has no idea how to work them, so I like that this trike has them able to pop up as you can see in the above picture.
He even actually played with his flag for a while!