Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Times

Just a quick picturesque update on life in the Bateman home!
Ross and Nigel, chatting it up. 

Nigel, chillin' on the changing table. What a hunk!

Nigel, in a wonderful new outfit! So handsome and ready for church.

Oh, hello shirtless baby! How are you?

Nigel and I spend so much time together. We are pretty good friends these days.

"CURSE YOU, PERRY THE PLATYPUS!" Nigel's uncle Daniel designed that lovely onesie.

Nigel is getting really good at holding up his head. This picture was taken two days before he rolled over for the first time.

Nigel sleeping in a onesie designed by his Grandpa Bredthauer.

Nigel is lucky to have such talented relatives. Here he is in a onesie designed by his Aunt Sarah and Uncle Andrew. It is Hawaii's state fish. I will not attempt to spell the name.

Nigel, super ready for church in this onesie dedicated to his Uncle Matt who is serving a mission in Colorado. Nigel sure was adorable at church in this outfit!

Nigel, chatting it up with me. He says "Nnnnguh!" and also "Agoo!" and we have great conversations.

Nigel in another adorable onesie, this one designed by his Aunt Leslie.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

And Then He Smiled

And now Nigel is smiling! It definitely makes it easier to deal with the crying.