Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Band Camp 2012

I freaking love that I am the color guard instructor at Mountain Crest. I freaking love those kids. It is so fun to help them learn and grow together.
Band camp happened the first week of August. It was fantastic. We get to go down to Snow College and sleep in furnished apartments and use a pretty nice field and occasionally the football field. We're down there for six days and this year we got the entire show set on the field. We only have have the choreography, but the rest should be coming any day now from the choreographer. Woot. Here's some pictures to entertain you.

These goofy kids are the reason that I spend so much time away from home. I love those guys.

Me and the weapon line after a little sectional.


Some of the flags. 

There's Lexi, as Carmen. She causes all sorts of mayhem through the show. Be prepared.

Nigel was very happy for band camp to be over. Thank you Mom for coming down to help me with him.
There's my kids. And what good kids they are too.
And I would like to give a big thanks to Carmelle for taking these pictures that I stole from your Facebook album. :)