Friday, July 19, 2013

Independence Day

On July 4th this year we headed up to Bloomington, Idaho. It was Grandma Lark's 96th birthday. The city of Paris, which is just north of Bloomington, has a big breakfast that we went to with a whole bunch of Ross's family. Then we hung out at Grandma Lark's house for a while. Nigel had fun watching his cousins play. He enjoyed playing near them, but not with them. 
In the afternoon we were in the Paris parade. Grandma Lark is in the parade since it is her birthday. My father-in-law, Todd, had gotten his father's buggy fixed up so Lark, Todd, and Peter (her other son) rode up in the front. The great-grandkids rode in the back. And I rode with them to make sure nobody fell out. Everyone else walked behind the buggy. As is the trend, we ran out of candy half-way through the parade.
After the parade we all headed up to Afton to spend the weekend. I'll do another blog post about that later. Here's some pictures from the 4th!
Nigel LOVES his forward facing car seat!
Grandma Bateman holding Nigel.
Ross and Nigel.
Yummy breakfast! Grandma Lark, Ross, Shalee, Archer, Candi, Todd, and Sophie in this picture!
Nigel was so excited to find an old toy car at Grandma Lark's house!
All the kids were pretty fascinated with the fan. Nigel was pretty fascinated by the kids all around the fan.
Hooking up some horses to the buggy.
Nigel had fun running out into the road. Crazy child...
Aunt Lark chatting it up with Nigel.
Todd was so happy up in that buggy.
Me with a bunch of kids. And there's Todd, Peter, and Grandma Lark up front.
Nigel fell asleep, thank goodness. He only slept during the parade and in the car that day. Poor fellow.
Ross was demonstrating his modeling abilities.
Nigel was playing with that ball, then brought it over to show to Great-Grandma Lark. So cute!
Nigel chased Ross around, being fussy, until he put him on his lap. Apparently wheel-chair rides are awesome.
The birthday cake! 
Heading to Afton. The poor fellow was so worn out. Such a cute little man I have!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wind Caves

Last week Ross, Nigel, and I hiked up to the Wind Caves up Logan Canyon. It was a lot of fun except that it did get really hot up there on the way down. This summer is terrible.
Nigel loves to ride on Ross's back!
We made it! Now to go below and have a snack...
Nigel and his daddy.
Nigel and his momma.
Nigel really loved to play in the dirt.
Nigel was so excited to eat a granola bar! He loves those things.
A happy family, we are!
Sleepy baby on the way down.