Monday, October 24, 2011

Apparently I'm Stupid

This has been a long time coming, but today I just feel stupid. Ross hasn't helped that at all. Ross asked me what I was going to do today. I said I was going to clean the apartment. He said that I should also apply for WIC and MediCaid stuff. I asked him to make sure I knew where all our financial stuff was. Then I told him that I was worried I would mess it up because I am stupid. What Ross should have said was: "You're not stupid, it's ok to be worried about messing up. If it would make you feel better we can apply for those things together later." Instead he stood in the hallway for a second, then busted out laughing, then said: "I'm sorry you're stupid." Thanks Ross. Then I told him what he should have said and then he said that, but it didn't mean anything because he was laughing all the way through it. Gosh.
So then I was reading my awesome sister-in-law's blog. That would be Candi. And she was talking about a party plan that was in the back of some book her daughter was reading. (sorry Candi, I didn't get through the whole post yet, and you will see why shortly) This book is about a mouse by the name of Geronimo. Ross asked me to read the post out loud so he could hear. I pronounced the mouse's name Gair-(rhymes with chair)-oh-nemo(like the fish). Ross busted out laughing again. "Um," he said, "That Geronimo." Which he pronounced Ger-(like the beginning of German)-on-im-oh. Well don't I look like a dunce. Thanks again husband for making me feel stupid. I still love the guy though. And then I was too upset to finish reading so I just closed out of it. Oh, and there's a picture of the mouse Geronimo
This reminded me of a time when I was on a first date with my ex, Tanner. (Who, as my father-in-law would be happy to know, is the son of Ross's second cousin.) We were going to see a movie. Woot. There was a poster for the movie Penelope. I said, "Hey look, Penelope!" Which I pronounced Penn-elle-ope(rhyming with nope). My kind date said, "Um, that's Penelope." Which he pronounced Penn-elle-oh-pee. My bad. That's actually a really great movie, by the way. Just saying. And there's a picture of the movie poster, too. .
So apparently I can't read and I'm kind of stupid. But don't worry, I got the last laugh. Ross couldn't open the door this afternoon on his way to work. "Who's stupid now?!" I shouted and laughed. It's sure a good thing we love each other, me and that Ross.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I am trying so hard to be productive through my day. And that is ridiculously harder than it sounds. I've really been feeling crappy the past few days. I've been nauseated, but thankfully haven't thrown up in a while. My head gets all dizzy when I'm standing for too long, which my doctor says is due to my body getting used to pumping more blood through itself for the pregnancy. Lovely. I really hate feeling all lazy and unproductive, as I have felt for the past two months. Yes. That is how long I've been sick. And it is gross and lame and I hate it.
I did clean the toilet today, that was good. It was really gross. I only did the inside, the outside is also pretty nasty. I wiped it down pretty quick today, but it needs to be scrubbed. It is also just hard to be productive when I am so exhausted. This baby is really wiping me out. I had no idea that so much energy had to go toward making a baby. Goodness. It is a little ridiculous. needs to be done, too. Lame. I really need to clean the whole bathroom and living room. They're pretty messy. Oh, and I'll have to do the laundry again soon. Lame sauce. And poor Chuck needs a cage cleaning. He also needs a bath and to have his nails trimmed. Poor baby. I really need to get on this stuff.
On the bright side, I'm almost at 15 weeks. Within the next month or so I should be able to feel the baby. And that is a pretty exciting thought! It sure is crazy to think that I'm gonna be a mom. I doubt that I will ever feel like I'm ready for this, but who knows. Everything will work out for the best.
On another note, marching band has been fantastic. I freaking love being involved at Mountain Crest. The band has done really well this year. We were the only Utah band at the Idaho State competition this year and we got all of the captions and first place in our 5A division. I'm really proud of those kids. I started to realize the other day that I pray for them. I sure must love those kids a lot. And I do. The picture is of (in order from left to right) Allycia, Chris, Jamie, Angie, and Laisha. They would be the guard captains and the drum majors. That picture is from ISU. What a party that was.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What Is That Thing?

I realized the other day that I couldn't button up one of my pairs of pants. I looked down and poked my tummy. Blubber. The whole thing. Just kidding. Apparently the fetus is growing! Right now it is just pushing my insides all around so that is what is poking out, not baby yet, but a lot of innards. And it is quite the belly indeed. Woot. It is nice to see the effects of pregnancy, such as my freaking huge boobs. Just saying. It is nice because it helps me know that this morning sickness and exhaustion is really for a purpose. I'M HAVING A BABY! I tend to say that a lot. It surprises me every time. Holy crap, I'm gonna be a mom. Yikes.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Truth About Pregnancy

So it is true. I am pregnant. To be honest, I hate it. I don't hate that I'm having a child, what I hate is that I am nauseated all the time, throw up pretty much every day, have sore chesticles, can smell EVERYTHING for the first time in my life, have terrible breath, am completely exhausted all the time, can only keep down a few different foods, and my mind is way more scattered than it was before. The other day Ross had dropped some papers on the kitchen floor and I didn't notice until he was at work. But I didn't pick them up because I thought he wanted them there. He laughed when I told him that when he was home. The food at the moment that is staying down best is Eggo waffles. Yum. Usually with lots of butter and a little bit of powdered sugar. Today I tried it with cinnamon sugar, it has stayed down, but was not as good as the powdered sugar.
Tomorrow I go to the doctor for the first time which will be very nice. Then I can learn stuff and know that all this gunk I'm going through really is worth it. I just pretty much feel bloated and fat all the time, like I'm about to start my period, though I haven't had that in two and a half months. It'll just be nice to see the little fetus on a monitor. Woot. It will also be nice to get a more affirmative due date. Then I can know how much longer I'm supposed to be having this dreaded mourning sickness. Which is what I am calling it because it lasts all blasted day long.