Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adventures In Dad's World

Ross is going to be graduating this May, so we figured we should take some pictures of him. These aren't professional, just me and my new camera having fun. We took some pictures up on campus then went to the airport to get some of Ross by an airplane. Nigel LOVED the airplanes. Ross was very proud.
By the bull. Nigel is holding Ross's tassel, but you can't really see it well.
Climbing up on the bull was pretty fun.
Nigel kept saying "Bull! Bull!" And pointing at it. He was quite excited about it. He even threw a fit when we left.
The first thing Nigel did when we got to the 'A' was crawl inside of it.
Just a dad and his boy! Such cute men I have in my home!
Nigel was telling Dad something very important, though it didn't make much sense.
It's a good thing Nigel loves playing rough.
Well, this airplane is the coolest thing Nigel has ever seen.
Ross and a DA-40, the plane he has flown most.
Nigel kept saying 'Pay, pay!' which is how he says plane.
We got in the cockpit and learned about the plane. Nigel loved moving around the yoke. I liked moving it and watching the ailerons on the wings moving.
Nigel just felt right at home in this plane, he had way too much fun with that yoke!
Such a cool airplane!
Nigel was also very happy to be in the Piper Arrow. This one was much more fun to play with.
Yes, this is blurry, but you can see how much fun Nigel was having turning the wheel.
Nigel just wanted to push all the buttons, but Dad made sure he did not.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cousin Time

My sister, Sarah, and her daughter, Rachel, came down to Utah last week. They spent a few hours here in Logan and it was really great to see them. Nigel is Rachel's only cousin and they had fun playing together. And by playing I mean Nigel running around like a crazy person and Rachel watching him. She warmed up after a while. They sure are cute kids! Here's some pictures of the two of them.
Nigel enjoyed showing Rachel his cars, but he did not like it when she touched them.
Rachel was a little sad for a while, such a momma's girl. 
Nigel took a headband and put it on Rachel's head. Such a good boy.
Rachel really warmed up when she was running around and jumping on the couch. Nigel approved.
I'm so happy Nigel got to spend time with his little cousin. They are so cute!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring is Here!

I cannot believe how short winter was this year. It was in the mid 50's in February. Which is absolutely ridiculous for Cache Valley since it is usually snowing every day all through March. I love it! Spring is awesome. Nigel has been having so much fun playing outside. He is quite the climber these days, and he has so much fun at the park.
I got a new camera recently, and tried it out on an outing with Nigel this past Saturday. It is a simple point and shoot camera, but I tend to have bad luck with cameras. I broke 4 cameras in the past 3 years by dropping them. (Frankly, I am clumsy, which is  nuts since I spin flags and weapons for a hobby.) If I can be really careful and nice to this camera for a few years, maybe I can get a really nice one. I really hope I can be nice to it. 
Anyway, here's some pictures from our outing taken on my new camera. :)
Nigel LOVES the slides. He screams and laughs going down them. Fantastic.
It was such a beautiful day, but there was a cold wind coming in. Nigel thought it was cool to have his hood on.
Me: "Nigel, look at the camera and smile!"
Nigel: "NOOOO!" And then he turned away.
Nigel's first time on a swing this year was a few days before this picture, but he was squealing and laughing hysterically the entire time. Apparently, swings are awesome.
Nigel still wouldn't smile, but at least you can see his face.
We went to see some horses on our way home, but they wouldn't come very close. Nigel thought they were pretty cool though.
We also saw some ducks. Nigel and I both love ducks. They are awesome.
You may have seen my lovely blue shoelace in the pictures of me. I had nothing else to use, but I tied a shoelace that was in the diaper bag to my camera and then made a necklace. This was to prevent the camera from hitting the ground if I were to drop it. I didn't drop it though, and that was awesome. :)