Monday, March 28, 2011

Color Guard

So this past Saturday my awesome sister, Sarah, and I traveled down to Kaysville to watch the winter color guard competition at Davis High School. It was a lot of fun, but we were sitting on those hard bleachers for over 5 hours. That was really the only downside I think. I sure do miss guard. Indeed I do.
I am still waiting to hear back from the Mountain Crest guard advisor to see if I can help out there to stay involved. However, my old guard advisor, Darilyn has offered me a job as the guard advisor of the Lone Peak guard. I would absolutely love to take this opportunity, but it's all the way down in Highland, which is by American Fork, which is by Orem, which is by Provo. Anyway, it's kind of far from Logan.
Ross says that I should follow my dreams no matter what, because I may not get an opportunity like this again. But if I do go down there, Ross will still be here in Logan for three years to complete his schooling. I think he should transfer to UVU, where there is also an aviation program. But Ross says that that program sucks. I don't know, perhaps it is. But I can's expect my husband to just move down there for me either.
Anyway, I talked to Daril this morning and if I can find a place down there, I might go down just for the summer and fall band season, and if things work out maybe I can stay longer. We will just have to see how it all goes if I do go down and can be away from Ross so much.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have now completed my program at the BATC!! I should be getting my certificate of completion in 2-3 weeks. As a memoir for my program, here are some of the wonderful quotes I've heard from my hear in the Veterinary Assisting/Pre Vet Tech program. Note that some of these are inside jokes. So there. :)

Me: "Oh, Hello, Vulva!"

Me: "I'm gonna earth bend you!"
Ashlyn: "Not if I fire bend you first!"

Erin: "Is there like, some sort of secret to growing a 5:00 shadow?"
Susan: "Come back in 5 years and ask me that again."
Erin: "That won't help, there has to be a secret to it."

Kendall: "Yes, my dog is a butt-licker."

Katelyn: "When we pass by this car, I'm gonna pretend to have a seizure, just to see what they do!"

Me: "And now I will cut it open to see its insides..." The new students all gasp and some start to cry.

Tamera: "Oh, my gosh. It's all because of my stupid boyfriend!"

Danelle: "Really, can you blame me?"

Ashlyn: "Oh, the key was in my pocket the entire time."

Susan: "Who wants to be the student of the month?"
Danelle: "ME!!"
Me: "Darn, I was not fast enough!"

Julie: "Its a ball of fascia!"

Me: "Holy crap!!! That emu is psychotic!!"
Susan: "Yes it is, but don't be afraid of it."

Erin: "Hey, Lee, would you be prepared for a zombie apocalypse?"
Lee: "I don't expect that to happen, but if it did, I have seven hidden weapons ready."

That's all I could think of. Good times. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Going to Wyoming!!!!

This Thursday, when I'm done with class, Ross and I will be heading up to Afton, Wyoming!!! Hooray! I sure do miss my in-laws. We haven't been up there since our open house, which was a week before our wedding. Wowie! I'm really excited. They have a ton of snow up there and I'm super pumped to play in it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I am finally getting a Nintendo DS!!!!! I am so freaking excited!!!! I found one on for only 75 bucks and I'm getting it! Hooray! It's blue. And black. It is like unto the picture there. :) I'm so happy! Now I only need to save up some more money to get a game. Phooey. But I guess that is ok. I just really want to get the new Pokemon White Version that is coming out next week!!! Gah! Then I can get a rare pokemon, Victini! Who is cute. There's a picture. Victini is the first fire and psychic type. Which is pretty much awesome. :)Unfortunately, Victini is only available up until April 10. So I need to get the game before then to get it. Phooey. It probably won't happen, which would be unfortunate. But I'm sure I will get over it.....
Also, my poll about which Disney princess is best is now over. The winner was Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. She won by a landslide, so I guess she really must be the best. :)