Saturday, July 21, 2012


It is so hard to keep a blog updated when one does not have the internet in their home. I really would love to blog a whole lot more, but I'm not on the internet too often anymore. Lame sauce.
Anyway, I have a really bad habit of dropping cameras. When Ross and I were first married, we had a Bateman family awesome party down by Zions National Park. I took great pictures the whole time, then at the end, I dropped my camera on the road and it broke. Wouldn't take pictures, but it could still take videos.
December that year Ross and I went with my parents and siblings to California. First day down there, I had Ross's camera in my pocket and jumped up onto Ross's back. Camera fell out and broke. It was stuck on the video setting and wouldn't go to normal picture mode no matter how hard I tried.
So then, we have this awesome Ross family reunion in Moab about a month ago. (Ross's mom's maiden name was Ross, hence my husband's name.) We go to Arches National Park. And it was beautiful and all that awesome stuff. I was feeding Nigel in my father-in-law's truck. When I was done I hopped out of the truck. Didn't realize I had set  our new camera we got for Christmas. Ya, it fell down onto the road. And I heard it hit. And then I swore. Ross busted out laughing. Fortunately the camera was working for the rest of the trip, except that the delete button and the video button did not work. Whatever, I just wanted to take pictures. So a week after we get home it just dies. I charged it all up and when I turn it on it says 'battery exhausted.' Stupid camera. Stupid me for always dropping those things. It really sucks.
And that is my sad story. But here's a cute picture of my little family taken at the family reunion in Moab.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Little Distraught

So my lovely laptop computer may be dead now. I got it from Santa in 2008. Yesterday I went to the library, where I always go to use the internet since my neighbors got a secure connection, and the computer shut itself down and wouldn't turn back on. Gah! I was still able to get on the library computers, but what about all the stuff on that computer? I have a ton of pictures on there of little Nigel that I haven't put on a thumb drive yet. Poo. Who know's what will happen to all my stuff on there? I have tons of color guard things there..... I'm just a little bit a lot freaked out about it.