Wednesday, June 26, 2013

East Canyon Resevoir

This past Saturday Nigel and I were able to go water skiing with my family and a bunch of cousins I haven't seen in a while. Ross had to work, which was unfortunate, and we were sad he didn't come down with us. But it was still a very fun day.
Just got to the lake! Waiting for the boat with Grampa!
Leslie and the Grandma waiting for the boat.
Nigel was really nervous on his first boat ride. It was scary for him. Poor fellow.
Grandpa got a lot of attention from Nigel after introducing him to Cracker Jacks. Nigel loved them.
Go Matt! He got up and skied all over the lake.
Love my new swimsuit, I do! Thanks Dad for getting it for me. Nigel was scared of the water, but did enjoy watching it splash on his toes. He wouldn't let go of me though. Poor nervous boy.
Playing in the shade with Grandma! Getting to eat Swedish Fish. My son was so spoiled on this trip...
Gramps, Leslie, and Matt working on their tans.
There's me, such a water beauty. 
Nigel all cuddled up with his grandpa, sleepy little man.
It is so much fun to play with Aunt Leslie!
Here I am getting all ready to water ski.
The water was super choppy because it was so windy, so it was really hard to get up.
I did it! I also fell down shortly thereafter. I got up again 5 more times, but it was so hard to stay up since the water was so rough. My arms were killing me, too.
Hey, Nigel. I guess you're not gonna let me work on my tan, eh?
Nigel loves to play with Uncle Matt. He's a pretty cool uncle.
Me, Greg, and Matt all ready for a crazy ride on the tube.
"Wave!" Says my mom. Matt and I were too scared, but Greg managed to strike a nice pose for the camera.
We're alive! We all fell off once. And our arms were in so much pain from holding on! Uncle Paul showed us no mercy. And the rough water didn't help. As Matt said: "I fell off and was skidding on my back. It was terrifying how fast I was moving!" Seriously.
Nigel just wanted to cuddle with me after I was out tubing. I was happy to oblige as he isn't often a cuddle buddy.
It was a super fun day. And it was great to see family. Nigel was not as terrified on his next boat ride. He even seemed to enjoy it. What a good little boy I have.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spring Hollow Hike

Last week Ross, Nigel, and I went on a hike. The plan was to go to Spring Hollow, which I wasn't to keen to do as it is 3.5 miles one way and goes up 2170 feet. Sounded miserable. But we tried it out. 
Unfortunately, I had slept funny on my shoulder the  night before and just plain walking was tough. We hiked for two hours then stopped. We had a nice little picnic in the  middle of the trail and then went back down. I was exhausted. Nigel had fun and slept on the way down.
Here's our pictures from the trip!
All ready to get hiking!
Saw this funny sign at a split in the trail.
Sorry this one is sideways, I'm too lazy to switch it now that it's already here. We commented that the terrain looked like Mordor.
Nigel loves to ride in the back pack!
Eating some sandwiches.
Nigel and I in the middle of the trail. There wasn't really a totally flat place to sit, but this was the best we found.
Hi, Ross!
Nigel was so precious sleeping in the back pack.
Beautiful view of the valley we were climbing up.
Little sleeping man. :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zoo Trip!

This past Wednesday Ross and I took Nigel to the Hogle Zoo. Leslie came along with us. It was a whole lot of fun. We saw a bird show and lots of fun animals. Here's a bunch of pictures from the trip! Sorry there's so many, but there kind of has to be since there is so much to look at at the zoo!
There's the baby elephant in the front and an adult in the back.
Nigel was a little concerned with this gorilla. 
Leslie, Nigel, and I by the bronze gorilla.
Ross and Nigel were alone, not for even 5 minutes, and Nigel got a lovely lip injury.
Nigel loves being on his dad's shoulders! 
Rhinoceros having some lunch.
Hey, that baby monkey was born on Leslie's birthday!
Me, Ross, and Nigel with the bronze rhino.
Nigel as not very happy to be put in this eagle nest.
Checking out the otters.
Nigel loved to see the seals and sea lions swimming back and forth.
Woah! Sea lion!
Nigel just ran back and forth down in this little cove squealing with joy. I guess he was just really happy to be out of the stroller for a good long while.
Grizzly bear fight! 
Leslie with the silver polar bear.
Baby giraffe!
I got this amazing picture of a turtle. Happy little fellow.
Bats, my favorite flying mammal. Leslie rolled her eyes when I said that.
Having a little break and eating granola bars.
Leslie is so cool.
"Hey, Leslie, kiss that gorilla!" What a good sister.
Elephant getting some treats.
Nice picture, Ross! 
Nigel thought this water ball thing was pretty fascinating.
Sexy as a seal.
Nigel and Ross! It was so cool to see the polar bear swimming. She was just going back and forth over and over and over again.
Watching the sea lion play.
Hello, seals!
Nigel made a little, brass, otter friend!
River otters! So cute.
Meditating in the eagle's nest.
Such a fun day we had! Nigel was exhausted. Which was understandable as he decided not to take a nap during the day. There's was too much going on, I guess.