Saturday, October 16, 2010


Last night Ross and I went camping. And it was awesome. A member of our stake presidency recommended this awesome place up Logan canyon that is secluded... And free. :) So we went there to use our brand new tent and air mattress, both of which we got as wedding gifts. Hooray!
We roasted hot dogs for our dinner and then were planning
on having s'mores for dessert! But then we realized that we forgot the marshmallows. So we had melted chocolate on gram crackers, which isn't too bad, but definitely needed marshmallows.
It was really cold last night. Ross and I had our pajamas, hoodie
s, thick blankets, extra socks, and all inside of mummy bags that were tightly closed. It was cozy, but I still got a little cold in the middle of the night. But that's ok.
In the morning we made eggs and hot chocolate. It was awesome and delicious. This little camp area was pretty awesome. The only downside was that there wasn't a bathroom so I just had to squat to go, Ross thought it was funny. That man..... Anyway, here's some pictures from our adventure!
This is Ross and the tent!
This is me in the tent!
Oh, we realized that our air pump only charges when hooked up to the car adapter thing, and alas, our car adapter things DO NOT WORK!!! So we got to blow up the air mattress with our own lung air. This is Ross in the tent blowing up our bed.
Here is Ross prior to us making the fire. That huge log covered in sticks is what we dragged over to use as firewood.
Here is our fire.
Here's Ross in the morning, drinkin' hot chocolate!
Here is me and my hot chocolate. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guinea Halloween

So for my awesome class in school, we are having a Halloween costume party. But the people don't dress up, we dress up our pets! I'm trying to decide what to dress my dear guinea pig Chuck up as and have found a few ideas. The costume party will be judged, and the winning animal's owner will get 100% on a test, which would be awesome. So here's three ideas I think are great. Let me know what you think! I'll put up a poll on the side of my blog so you can vote for your favorite! And if anyone has any other good ideas, feel free to share!

Spiderman Guinea Pig
Superman Guinea Pig
Dinosaur Guinea Pig