Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies :(

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson has died of cardiac arrest. Paramedics were called to his home this afternoon after the singer stopped breathing. When they arrived, he had no pulse and after repeated attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead.
That is probably one of the most interesting news reports I have ever read. Here's the article I got it from if you don't believe me, punks:
So basically, mixed feelings about this. I don't really like him at all as a person, but his music is just so awesomely unique! I loved it! Such good stuff to dance to, it was. For this post, I will just be putting up a bunch of pictures of that great pop star, Michael Jackson. But not any pictures from his recent years, because I don't want to scare anyone. :)Here we see Mr. Jackson doing that sweet thing he does on his toes.Michael Jackson's song Bad. One of my favorites for sure!Here he is dancing to Thriller. Another excellent song.Michael Jackson was a pretty awesome pop singer, I have to admit. Just look at that pose!Another of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson, Beat It.And here's just a picture. Says it's the special edition of Thriller.Here he is doing a cool lean thing. And also wearing a hat. He sure likes those hats...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Adventure with Ross

So last week, I didn't write about this. But Ross and I had quite an exciting adventure! We had been at institute and that was over, so we were just walking around campus for a bit. Between the TSC and the ESLC there were these two manholes that were open. Of course, we had to go check it out. We looked down in one. Of course, I really wanted to climb down in it! How cool would it be to say that I've climbed into a manhole? I told Ross and he was like, "Ok! Let's do it!" Then I said, "What if we get caught?" And he said, "What are they gonna do? Yell at us?" Nobody at all was around, and Ross just got down and started climbing down the manhole! Holy cow! He's so brave! I was terrified. I was also thinking that there might be a monster down there or something. maybe I should watch less tv... Anyway, he yelled up to me when he was down that it was just a room. Nothing too exciting. But I still had to go down. I looked all around and still there was nobody. so I climbed down into the manhole. How awesome! I was so scared that someone was gonna come and totally chew us out! But we just hung out down there for a while and nothing happened. It was really hot down there. There were these huge pipes and stuff and that was pretty cool. Up at the top of my post is the picture I took on my phone of me looking back up the hole that I came down! It's pretty much awesome! And here's another picture. This one is of Ross climbing back out of the other manhole. The two were connected! I'll have to see if I can get some of the pictures that Ross took so that I can post some of me! :) Tee hee! We're so sneaky...
I'm really enjoying my institute class! It's really amazing. It's Book of Mormon 1. That one is from 1 Nephi to Alma 29. Woot! But the teacher is really great. Brother Blake is his name. He is really great at bringing the Spirit into the classroom so that the students' hearts are open to learn from the Spirit. It's really great. I love to learn! And learning from the Holy Ghost is so amazingly wonderful! I love it! Poor Ross wasn't feeling well in class this week. He basically just put his head on his desk and I rubbed his back. Poor guy. But he's feeling better now! Woot!
Last night Ross and I went bowling with his roommate, Sam. It was Sam's birthday. Sam's a pretty cool guy. He's funny. Anyway, all three of us really stink at bowling. Ross got the high score out of all of us at 101 points. wow. I got 75 the first game and 76 the second game. At least that shows improvement! But I was sad because usually I'm able to break 100... Oh, well! When we got home we played Parcheesi! That is probably my favorite game of all time! I totally love it! I should register for it when I'm getting married.... Anyway, Ross won, but I was really close. Humph. Oh, well. After that vigorous game, we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was a very interesting movie. I liked it, it was good, just kind of weird at the same time. It was just a really interesting idea, the story was. But it was really long. That's really my only complaint. I think that it should have shown more of the end of Benjamin's life and less about the beginning. But whatever.
Well, I think that basically I'm just posting every Thursday. That's the trend that's been going on. Awesome! I guess I will write again next Thursday!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Partying it up in Logan

Yes, basically I am doing my best to party it up here. I still don't have a job, and that makes it difficult. I'm doing my best though. I've called most of the places that I have applied to, but not all of them gave me much help. Ross, the store not the person, said that if I got past the application process then I would be called for an interview. pfft. Duh. But that's about all they would do for me was tell me that. Absolutely Ridonkulous.
Oh, so I have decided to do something pretty exciting. Whenever I'm on the computer, I'm most likely going to be listening to my music on iTunes. Which is pretty hard core awesome, if you ask me. Anyway, I have decided that since I have so much time on my hands, and I usually just listen to my music on random, I'm gonna not put it on random and listen to every single song that I have on my computer! How exciting! It's gonna take a really long time, because I'm not constantly listening to the music, but still. I'm pretty darn excited. There's songs on here that I haven't listened to yet and also ones that I don't listen to very often. So it'll be a party! I really like music. Woot. Oh, and that picture is gonna be me partying it up! Well, mostly I just wanted to put up a picture of an iTunes person because I think it's pretty cool stuff!
I got a letter from Elder Cline today. I sure do love to get mail! He's doing really great! He actually set up a baptism date with someone being taught. He just transferred, so it's not like he did all of the teaching for her, but still. I think that it is pretty awesome! He had the flu a while back, and that was probably really hard. He did say that he kept going out and working even though he was sick. Hooray! What a great missionary! I'm really happy to have a friend like Jared. He's just so powerful in spirit and it is awesome! I should write more of my friends that just left. Woot! I will have to do that!
So basically things are going great with Ross, the person not the store. ;) He's so freaking adorable! Last night we went country swing dancing which was really fun. I'm not the biggest fan of country, I like it but it's not my favorite. Anyway, I sure got to hear a lot of it last night! And I'll have to admit that it is actually pretty fun! Or maybe it's just because I'm so twitterpated that it was fun... Either way, I had a blast! Ross is hilarious. And handsome. And silly. And sweet. And charitable. And just plain darn amazing! I'm crazy about that punk. :) Oh, and the picture is the Statue of Liberty because Ross went to New York on his mission! :) :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oops.... I Did it Again

I totally just found out from one of those random Facebook quizzes that the song by Britney Spears that I am most like is "Oops... I Did It Again." I'm not sure how I feel about that. I do totally love that song, though! It's a fun one. Woot! I guess that is pretty awesome. It said, when it was explaining why that is the song I am most like, that I like to do my own thing. And if someone tells me not to do something, I will usually just go ahead and do it anyway. That sure sounds like me. :) Basically, I have decided that it should be my theme song. Woot! That's pretty awesome. Yes. Yes, it is. I also took a quiz for which female Disney character I am most like, and I ended up being Alice. As in, Alice in Wonderland. Which I think is absolutely ridonkulous. That movie... I don't even like it! Silly quiz. Oh, well. It was fun. I guess.
So, basically, I has a boyfriend!!! He is so adorable. His name is Ross Bateman. Ah! He's so darn handsome, I can't stand it! He always says these really cheesy, really adorable things to me. I just can't help but smile when I'm around that man! He is so amazing. I really really like that kid a lot! Oh, and here's a picture of us. :) He's such a stud muffin! Awe, just looking at that picture is making me smile! Gah! Apparently, I am twitterpated!!! And I don't even care!!! Oh, we've been going out for about a week and a half now. Fun, sauce! He's so cute.... He has a motorcycle that we ride every now and again. To be honest, I'm kind of scared of the thing, but it gives me an excellent excuse to cuddle with him. And he is a most spectacular cuddler! He's a really sweet guy. Sigh... He's amazing.
Sarah and Andrew come home from their honeymoon to Disneyland tonight. But I won't see them until tomorrow. I miss those punks! And I want Sarah to meet Ross, because I am crazy about that punk. ;) Anyway, Sarah and Andrew are gonna be living only about two blocks away from me! Maybe three... I don't know. But still, I can just walk right over and bug them! Not that I would, but it's just if I need anything, they're really close! And they live by a tree with a butt. Which is pretty much one of the most awesomest things ever. Except I went by the tree with a butt last week, and it's but was all covered with leaves. Crazy! But also pretty cool. I guess it was tired of being immodest so it grew a little speedo! Tee hee!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Have a Brother-In-Law!

How crazy that I have a brother-in-law. Weird. But also pretty cool. It's interesting, I kind of feel old, but not like age old, just like now my family is in a completely different stage of life. Sarah's married! Ah! And everyone at the reception was asking me when I was gonna be married. Absolutely Ridonkulous. But the wedding, luncheon, and reception all went really well! Dude, my sister is so beautiful! Sarah and Andrew were so happy, those silly lovers. :)
So the poll is finished that I did about which high school mascot was worse. The worst high school mascot is the Beetdiggers. Poor guys. But they were followed by the Darts. And no one voted for anything else so they must both be pretty pathetic. Which is ok. Because the students that go the schools are still proud to be Beetdiggers or Darts. So, power to them, I guess...
Anyway, I don't have much to say today. But that's all good. I just thought I should write a little something since I haven't posted anything in a while. But I'll post something more exciting later. Woot!