Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Quick Catch-Up

So I have not fasted since I got pregnant with Nigel due to the fact that I was pregnant, and then breast feeding. Yesterday was my first time fasting in over a year. And it was surprisingly fantastic. I really did not miss fasting at all when I wasn't fasting, but I really enjoyed the opportunity to fast today. I've just felt really happy and quite spiritually fed. So you should fast, because fasting is great!
On another note: I love super heroes. And superhero movies. So naturally, when Ross buys me three fish they will be named after characters from a movie. In this case, they were Odin, Thor, and Loki. Odin and Thor only survived a day. I guess that means that Loki is the champion. Well, actually he's the God of Mischief, and that might explain why the other fishes died. Here's a picture of my fish's namesake, Loki, who can be found in the movies Thor, and The Avengers. And Loki the fish is still swimming around all happy.
Nigel is totally rocking the sitting up now, I am so proud of that kid. Saturday we had an all day band rehearsal and Nigel was totally great the whole time. He was never fussy, even though it was cold and I carried him around in my front carrier the whole time. Here's a picture from that.
Marching band is going well for the most part. I really love working with those kids. We had the Davis Cup competition last night. We got fifth place overall. Not too bad, but the scores kind of were terrible. It is hard to get these wonderful teenagers to work harder. Half of my guard is intensely hard workers, the other half don't really care, and the good half is getting frustrated. Me too. Our next competition is a week from Saturday. And we've got lots of work to do for that.