Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Princess Poll

I have now added a new poll to the side of my blog. Please feel free to vote for your favorite Disney princess! I will also now post pictures of each princess, just in case you need to actually see them.
Snow White

The New Princess

On Saturday, Ross and I went to see the new movie Tangled. It was pretty spectacular. I did feel that there was too much singing, though. The songs were fun, but too much of it indeed. Ross and I both wish that chameleons were really like Pascal, because if they were we would totally get one. Alas, it cannot be.So now Disney has a new princess, Rapunzel. A lovely princess with 70 feet of hair. I wonder how much shampoo it takes her to wash it? Probably a lot. It sure is pretty blonde hair though. I really miss having blonde hair. I would dye it again, but I'm growing out my hair to cut it off and sell it. And that can't be done if it isn't the natural color. Poo.
Well, that's all I've got for today, hopefully I can have something exciting happen in my life soon so I can make an awesome sauce post. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Real Adult

My birthday was this past Monday. So now I am 21 years old! That means that I am a real adult. Ross and I are probably going to a bar, the Owl, this Saturday to get hamburgers. I've heard their burgers are fantastic. :)
Ross got me some great movies for my birthday: A Bug's Life and Sherlock Holmes. I'm really excited to watch them.
Also, the poll on the side of my blog has ended. The verdict is that Hermione Granger is the best character from Harry Potter, hence the picture. Woot! I'll probably do another poll in the near future.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Beyonders

Many of you know that my favorite books are those of the Fablehaven series. The author, Brandon Mull, is pretty much an amazing writer. Now that he finished the Fablehaven story, he's been working on another new series: The Beyonders. The first book of this series comes out on March 15! I am really excited. I think I'm gonna have to get it. I really hope that this book is as good as the Fablehaven ones, because I freaking love those.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Birthday

My family spent the last week in Solvang, California which was totally fun. But since I am lame, I am not going to talk much about it because I just don't feel like it. I feel like making a birthday list! My birthday is in two weeks and it is important to let people know what I want so that I can get lots of presents. :) Mostly all I want are DVDs to expand the collection Ross and I have going, but there is one other specific thing....
I want a Blue Nintendo DS i XL! I've wanted one for a while. As Ross said in December of 2009, "By this time next year, you won't even want one anymore." Sadly, I want one even more.
I also want the outstanding Disney/Pixar film Cars. This movie is hilarious and awesome, enough said.
Another great movie that I want is Sherlock Holmes. Fantastic movie with excellent music by Hans Zimmer, one of my favorite composers.
One of my all-time-favorite movies must be on my list! Alas, Ross does not like the movie Enchanted, I think if is freaking hilarious! And spectacular, and enchanted. :)
The next movie on the list is a fantastical one. When I saw Avatar in theaters, holy cow, I couldn't get over how amazing it was! Definitely one that I must own.
Another Disney/Pixar movie, A Bug's Life. I love this movie! It is one that I've wanted to own for a really long time, but haven't gotten around to getting it I guess.
Titanic, this movie is amazing. I don't know that I've ever cried this hard in a movie that wasn't Charly. It is a spectacular film.
Last, but absolutely not least, Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl. I only really want the first movie of the trilogy, I wasn't a big fan of the second or third... And I'm upset they are making a fourth...
Well, that is my birthday list! I hope you all have a great January and can do well with your resolutions and such. :)