Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

I have the best boyfriend in the world! He was nice enough to get a few hours off of work to go and see the new Twilight movie, New Moon, yesterday afternoon. :) He's so awesome. The first thing I have to say about the movie is: HOLY JACOB BLACK!!! He has an eight pack, as both Ross and I counted. What a stud. I kind of have a crush on him. Edward is pretty much ugly in comparison to this tan, muscular, studly man. Poor pale hairy Edward. I must say I'm not a very big fan of chest hair, and Jacob's beautiful lack of chest hair is very appealing to my eyes. Basically, Jacob Black is fair to look upon. Woot. The second thing I have to say about the movie is: HOLY SPECIAL EFFECTS!!! In comparison to the pathetic special effects due to a lack of budget with the first film, this one is awesome. I got really excited with two parts where the effects are just kick butt awesome! Ross was probably really annoyed by me at the end of the film. I got excited a lot. And angry a lot. The third thing I have to say about the movie is: HOLY BETTER THAN THE FIRST!!! I'll admit that it wasn't exactly alongside the book, but it was a lot better than the first movie. Oh, by golly it was. I was really impressed by it. Woot!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

So life has been going pretty good lately. Although nothing too intense is happening. I have begun to get Christmas presents for my family and Ross. Woot! So far I have gotten him five gifts. But I won't say what they are because I don't want Ross to find out! I don't know how frequently he reads my blog, but I know it isn't much. Bwahahaha!
My dear roommate Sandra has this HUGE tv. It was at her home in Provo for a while, but her brother brought it up a little while ago! So now it is in our living room and it is beautiful. It's a really nice tv. I love it! We didn't have a dvd player, so I bought one. It's basically the cheapest nice dvd player. I want to make sure it will last. Woot! So now Sandra and I love to watch movies on this amazing tv. Although, the place where you connect the cord that makes it so we can watch cable has broken. So we can't just watch tv on it, which is sad. I would have watched Animal Planet in awesome bigness! And that would be awesome.
Here is my roommate, Sandra. She is a very good dresser, she has a ton of really cute clothes. It's kind of funny because she has about five times as many shirts as I do. And three times as many pants. But it's all good. I just think it's interesting to see how different our lifestyles are. We get along for most of the time, but everyone has their moments when you're just sick of roommates. Sandra is really fun. She makes me laugh a lot. It's good that we have fun together. Woot! She thinks I'm pretty hilarious, too. Probably because I am. Party! I'm enjoying being her personal aide. Yup, that's my job! It is a lot of work. It's hard to take care of someone as well as myself. And while also going to school, it's a little stressful. But all is well. It's working out great! And I feel so good having a paycheck coming twice a month. It feels so awesome to make money all by myself!
So this past weekend, I invited Sarah and Andrew to come over and watch Remember the Titans with Ross and I. It was really fun. I love my sister and her husband! And I also love Ross. :) I really enjoy spending time with my family. They are great. After the movie, Sarah was half awake. Then she and Andrew cuddled up on our rug. Then I just had to take a picture of them, because they're cute I guess. Sheesh. Married people. I'm really excited to go home for Thanksgiving break and spend a lot of time with my family! And my little Sparky dog. I sure love that puppy. He turned 6 years old last week. He's getting big! And I love his little furry face. :)
Well, I guess that is all that I have to say now. I'll keep you posted on anything exciting that may be happening in my life. Frankly, nothing very exciting has happened in a really long time. Oh, well. Go me!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Grudge

Ok. So yesterday I decided that I wanted to watch the movie The Grudge. So I watched it on YouTube. Hooray for the internet. It was an absolutely ridiculous movie. A mother and her son get murdered by the husband and then their evil dead spirits haunt this creepy house. Anyone that enters the house will then be killed. It was a very creepy movie, but just really dumb. The ending was the worst. The main character's boyfriend goes to the house to find her then the grudge people kill him, then the girl sets the house on fire. In the hospital later you find out that the fire was put out and the house saved and then the grudge woman comes to the hospital to find the main lady. The end. Absolutely ridonkulous. No ending to that movie. Just everyone dying. Humph. It was dumb. So basically, now I have a grudge against that movie.
So later that night, Ross and I went on a double date with Sandra and my friend Harrison. It was a lot of fun. We went out to eat at the Bluebird and then went to the institute dance! Ross and I were being very silly. But we tend to do that. I love that I can be so crazy around him, and that he is crazy too! Love is amazing. So totally yes! And Ross and I are in love! :)
So ya, I know this one is short, but I just wanted to let everyone know how dumb The Grudge was. Woot.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A New Month

October is over! But that is ok. Sandra and I watched the movie Wait Until Dark. It has Audrey Hepburn, who Sandra is totally obsessed with. It was an ok movie. I thought that it was really boring the entire time until the last 15 minutes. Then it was actually good. It was just silly, I think. But I watched it. Woot.
On Halloween, Ross and I went to the marching band competition here at USU. It was really fun! I only got to see three bands, but it was still really fun. It made me miss marching band, but that's ok. So along those lines of color guard, I was invited to try out for the WSU winter guard, Fusion. And I really want to do it, but I don't have the time. I'm not able to due to my job. But I'll get over it. Maybe I can do it next year. I sure hope so! I miss being a part of a team. Perhaps my chances fare over for that now. If so, I will be ok. I'll get over it.
So things with Ross have been going great! I'm so freaking in love. I don't even know how to describe it, it's just so miraculous! He's my very best friend in the whole wide world! We went to a Halloween party that night at Emily Armstrong's house. It was really fun! I like to party. :) Then we came back to my place and went hot tubbing. Woot! I really love sitting in a hot tub. It is very relaxing. And Ross has a six pack, which is just awesome.
Oh, my goodness! The CES Fireside on Sunday was amazing! President Uchtdorf spoke and did such a great job! I feel like his talk was geared toward me personally. It was so cool! He talked about "The Ugly Duckling" and how we don't always see our true potential because of how people treat us. We need to look at our reflections and see the glorious children of God that we truly are, just like the ugly duckling looked at his reflection and saw a beautiful swan. Then he went off of that and discussed a few topics. It was really amazing. He's probably my favorite speaker, and it was just a really great fireside! I recommend that you get online and watch it!
If you haven't heard of the tv show, Glee, then now you will! My roommate Sandra got me addicted to this wicked awesome show! It is about a bunch of kids in the glee club at their school. It is basically a musical, which is so freaking awesome! I love the music that they sing in it. The teacher who is in charge of the glee club is very attractive, he can sing and dance, too, which makes him a dream. So it's all crazy because there are football players, cheerleaders, nerds, minorities, and all sorts of cliques in the club. They all learn to work together and be friends. Oh, man, I cried in one of the episodes. I'm so pathetic. But basically, music really gets to me. And when the characters sing a song that is really inspirational, especially considering what is happening at the moment, I just teared right up. It is an amazing show. I highly recommend it.
Well, that's all that's going on with me at the moment. My life just isn't all that intense. I will have to go on an adventure sometime soon. Woot!