Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sick and Tired

I am not going to be putting any pictures on this post because I am way too exhausted to do so. So on Sunday the 12 I started getting sick. Bleck. I don't like being sick. And then on that Wednesday I went to the doctor to see if I had strep throat. Nope. But the doctor was thinking it looked a great deal like mono. However, I wasn't far enough along in the phases of the illness for a blood test or anything. Lame. But still ok.
So this past Friday I went on a trip to Star Valley Wyoming to meet Ross's parentals. I also met some more siblings as well as two of his nephews. Woot. Friday I was tired, but not feeling too sick. I got to meet Ross's grandma on the way up to Star Valley. She was a really sweet woman. She fed us nuts, normal M&M's, and peanut butter M&M's. Yum! She was really nice and also a huge fan of the Utah Jazz. I liked meeting her. Well, were going to go on a hike in the Tetons on Saturday, but I wasn't feeling well enough. So Ross and I went four wheeling! By golly it was fun! I learned how to drive a four wheeler. Woot! I'm cool. Then we went on a leisurely hike with Tyson, who is Ross's oldest nephew at 11 years. It was fun, but exhausting for little me. But I got over it. I just have to say that Ross's mom is awesome!!! She is a really cool lady. She has all sorts of dolls and knick-knacks all over, and I love that sort of thing. She also reminded me a lot of my mom. I bet they would be really good friends if they met. Anyway, the house was beautiful! Everything was all decorated and it was just a really homey place. I loved it. I also loved the guest room because I got to sleep on a queen bed that also had really soft pillows! :) I didn't really get to talk to Ross's dad much because he was at work on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday I got really sick so I was asleep for most of the day. I was upset that I didn't get to talk to him more, he seemed like a pretty interesting guy. But that's ok, I'm sure I will get another chance in the future. OK, so Tyson, the nephew, is freaking hilarious. He's a lot like my brother Daniel, probably because they are only a year apart in age. But still, once Tyson found out that I knew a whole bunch about Pokemon, that was all he would talk to me about. And that was ok, because I take pride in my knowledge of the Pokemon world. Go me! Tyson is a cute kid, he's a hoot. Well, Ross is basically amazing. Since I was sick, a lot of his family was avoiding me, either because they didn't want to get sick or because they just wanted to give me privacy, probably the first one though. But Ross darn sure never left me alone for too long. Except when I was alseep, but he would come check on me every once in a while. I didn't go to church with his family because I was so sick, and Ross stayed home too just in case I needed anything. What a cutie! He's adorable.
So when I got home to Logan on Sunday I called my mom. I was so sick I just wanted to go home to Kaysville. So my awesome parents came up and got me. I sure love those guys. So ya, now they're trying to nurse me back to health. On Monday I went to my pediatrician again. He's a really sarcastic guy, and he said that the world is overpopulated, so it would be best that I died. Humph. Well, I got a blood test, but I won't find out until tomorrow if it is mono. The doctor said it might just be something similar to mono, but if so I will just get better faster. I sure hope so. My tonsils are so freaking swollen it is difficult for me to breathe. And I've been sleeping so freaking much. What a waste of time. At least I don't have school or work to worry about. Yay, blessings!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independance Day!!!

Fireworks are awesome! I sure wish that Utah were more like Wyoming, then I could set off all sorts of fireworks on any day of the year! Baha! And that would be most exhilarating! I'm pretty excited for the 4th. Ya know, how come more people say "Happy 4th of July!" instead of "Happy Independence Day"? Ridiculous. It's like, "let's celebrate some random day! Because we are crazy! Woot!" I think that is ridiculous. It is a holiday to celebrate the birth of our country! A day to celebrate our freedom! Hence, Independance Day. Humph. Some people are just weird I guess. Oh, well.
I had a dream last night that there was this huge cricket in my room and I couldn't get it out! It was about as big as both my hands put together. Bleck! I hate crickets! They are gross. But ya. It had these two foot long antennae, too. Sick. (As in disgusting, not slang for awesome.)
Well, guess what? My poll for which band/artist is best is done! So I shall now be posting about the three-way tie that we had. Wowie! The tie was between Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and Paramore. All three are most fantastical. :)Here's Jack Johnson! He's such a chill dude. I really like to listen to his music because it's fun but also relaxing. It's just pretty sweet!Here is Jason Mraz! Oh, my grapes... He is a freaking stud muffin. I really like Jason Mraz because his music is so fun! I totally love Jason Mraz!
This is the band Paramore. I freaking love them! At the moment, they are probably my favorite of all time. It's pretty hard core stuff! My plan for a while has been to buy their CD "Riot" when I got a job. That's been my plan for about four months. And still, no CD. Darn.
I had a job interview today! I think it went really well. It was for a job that would be during the school year. I think it woudl be awesome! The job is to be a Personal Aide for a girl named Sandra who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. What an amazing experience that would be! I would be living with her, and have my own room! I miss having my own room, so that would be most splendifferous. I hope I get the job!