Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After looking for a job and applying for one or two jobs every week day for the past four months, I have finally achieved getting a job interview!!!!!! HOORAY!! I am pretty ecstatic. In case you couldn't tell.
Yesterday I got online and applied at Pizza Hut. Woot. I love their pizza! It is spectacular. Anyway, today the Pizza Hut in Smithfield called me and I have an interview on Thursday!!! Yipee! I hope I get the job. I just really need money. And I just want a job because I feel useless having no job. I'm not making a difference in the world. Well, maybe I am. I'm sure I'm making a difference in Ross's world. Tee hee! :)
So basically my life is going pretty great right now. I'm loving school. On Friday I get to go to my second day of clinicals. Those are super duper fun. I am learning so much and am doing amazing in the classwork. I got at 88% on the test I took yesterday. Woot!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday I donated plasma. Basically, that's how desperate I am for money. I went in, filled out some paperwork because I was new, and then they did a quick check of my blood pressure, temperature, and weight. Ya, my weight keeps going up! I'm getting heavier and heavier every time I get weighed. Pathetic. I should work out. But I'm too lazy to, which is probably why I'm getting fat in the first place.
Anyway, since it was my first time I had to have a little physical then they took me to the donating room. Woot. They poked me in the left arm with a 16 G needle and unlike donating blood, they didn't cover it up so I could see the thing stabbing into me. It actually wasn't that bad. It is probably good for me as I have a little bit of a blood drawing problem. I was doing pretty good until about half way though my donating when everything started going black over my eyes and I thought I was gonna pass out. A few of the workers came over and gave me water and kept me talking and put an ice pack behind my neck. Wow. After about 10 minutes I was ok and then continued to finish my plasma donating. I got paid 25 bucks. Hooray! It's all gone now because I had to go grocery shopping. Oh, well. I think I'll go again on Saturday though. Party.The picture shows what parts are in the blood. The plasma is the watery stuff that everything else floats in. That's what they took out of me. Gross.

Monday, April 5, 2010


So yesterday was Easter, as well as General Conference. Woot! It was quite a spectacular day. Ross and I came down do Kaysville which was super fun. I'm still here because I've got Spring Break! Party! Anyway.... The Easter Bunny hides our baskets during the night, so when we wake up we have to find them. This year, I found mine faster than I ever have before!!! Usually I find everybody's baskets before I find my own, this year I found mine second! Woot! It was awesome sauce.
Me and Ross also got to play Easter bunny with the eggs. We hid them out in the back yard for everyone to find. It was fun. But me, being clumsy, dropped three eggs so they were a little cracked. Oh, well. :) It was still fun. Poor Leslie, her egg was totally crunched.
Ross and I cuddled during conference, and cuddling is the best!!! I fell asleep. I woke up early, like we're talking 6:30. I just woke up then and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up. Then I was really tired for the afternoon session. Anyway, I have decided that the best feeling in the world is waking up in the arms of your best friend. :) It was fantastical mucho much. Gah! I'm so in love!