Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

So I got a call a few weeks back from the band director at Mountain Crest. Lo and behold! I am now the Color Guard Director/Instructor!!! I haven't posted about it yet because it wasn't being announced until this past Monday. And then I was busy with Nigel and band practices all week. And it was most fantastical!!! Nigel got to come to rehearsals with me, he was ok when he was in the carrier just leaning against my chest. What a snuggly baby. :)
I've got some great ideas for the color guard this year and I really think the kids will be super successful! I'm so excited!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nigel Rocks

Last night I fed Nigel at 9:30 and tried to get him to bed. He did not want to go to bed until 11:30. That's fine since he wasn't screaming the whole time. And then, the amazing boy slept all the way to 4:30 in the AM! That's the longest he's gone through the night. And the longest he's slept consecutively ever. I'm so proud! Hopefully this means he will be sleeping through the night in the somewhat near future. Ya, I went to bed at 11 and Ross stayed up with Nigel. I feel like I got so much darn sleep! Sleeping for 5 and a half hours in a row? I haven't done that since Nigel got here. It was most fantastic. :)
On another note, I had my very first Mother's Day to celebrate a week ago yesterday. It was pretty nice. Nothing too spectacular. I got a chocolate bar at church, which was awesome. And then I got another chocolate bar from Nigel! Nigel also gave me a pair of lavender saphire earrings. They are totally gorgeous! I need to get a beautiful lavender dress to match and then go somewhere classy. And Ross, my magnificent husband, got me a gift certificate to the Lelani Salon and Spa. Now I can get my first ever professional massage! I've always wanted one of those. My boys are such thoughtful little lads. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nigel's Blessing

Yesterday, the 6th of May, my dear son Nigel received his baby blessing. It was given by his father, Ross. And it was most excellent. :) Nigel wore the blessing outfit that Ross was blessed in. And it was even the outfit that Ross's dad, Todd, was blessed in. And I thought that it was an awesome little heirloom for Nigel to wear. It comes from the 1940's. Dude. Nigel sure was cute in it. I love that little boy! Oh, also, those adorable booties were made by my Aunt Debbie, who is awesome. :)