Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Names For Baby #2: Nice Names in General

With the last poll of names that go well with Nigel, the name Vincent won. Which is good because I love that name, but bad because Ross hates it. This is how most of the names we have discussed go. One of us loves the name while the other does not. 
Here is another poll of simple generic names that we like. This may be the last poll because I feel that the baby will be coming closer to Christmas than his due date. And that is ok. I am so uncomfortable and ready to be done with this pregnancy. And also I am excited to have another baby in the house. Here's the list of names with their origins and meanings:

1. Shawn
God is Gracious

2. Austin

3. Sawyer
Wood Cutter

4. Landon
From the Long Hill

5. Hudson
Son of Hudd

6. Tyler
Tile Maker

7. Nathan
He Gave

8. Jackson
Son of Jack

Please vote for two names that you like best in the poll off to the right!

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, I like Sawyer. Wood grows tall, gives back to the earth in so many ways- shelter for animals and humans alike, clean fresh air, beautiful leaves, hope as they begin to bud, shade, and even something to hug 😉