Friday, May 15, 2015

Testing, Testing, One Two Three

I have been so bad at keeping with my blog. Especially since getting rid of our internet service. I just downloaded the Blogger app. This is me trying it out. This could be fun. Hooray for smart phones. 
So here are some things about what my family has been up to lately:
Nigel is 3 and has shown no sign of wanting to waste his abundant energy. He is a handful but I sure love him! Nigel is a really good helper. He helps me put away the dishes and the groceries. He even started to help with the grocery shopping! He is so eager to please and so much fun to be around.
Alfred is almost 5 months old. Where the crap did the time go? He is getting huge. This boy is a chunk. He is a really smiley boy and I love his chubby face! Two weeks ago he had his 4 month appointment and the doctor said that soon we could let him cry at night to push him to 8 hours between a meal. It took three nights of crying and now he pretty much sleeps from 10:30 to 7!he does wake up a little and fuss just a bit, but he goes back to sleep pretty quickly. He has been such an easy baby and I am so thankful for his adorable personality. 
Nigel is a big help and put diapers in the garbage for me and takes clothes to the hamper. I just love my little boys!

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  1. I love your boys and I love you and Ross as well! Cute pictures!