Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pregnancy #2

So I am now 26 weeks pregnant. This means that in one week I will be in my third trimester of this pregnancy. Hooray! I'm excited to have another little baby. 
This pregnancy has been so different than when I was pregnant with Nigel. Here is a list of differences that there have been between the two pregnancies: 

1. With Nigel I was SO sick through my first trimester and most of my second. This one I've been nauseated a lot, but haven't really thrown up much. Which has been nice. 
2. When I was pregnant with Nigel I was gaining weight like crazy. At the end of my pregnancy I had gained a little over 60 pounds. Gross. This time, my weight gain has been much slower and more manageable. This pleases me greatly. 
3. Along with gaining a ton of weight with Nigel, I was extremely bloated from the middle of my second trimester. My face was all huge and gross. This time, I have noticed a little bloating in my feet, but not much in my face or anywhere else yet. It has been really nice. I look so much cuter this pregnancy.
4. During my Nigel pregnancy I never really noticed having braxton hicks contractions, or any other contractions, all the way up until I was actually in labor. And labor lasted 28 hours. Yikes. This time, I've been having those braxton hicks contractions a ton. And I can feel them. They don't hurt, thank goodness, but they are uncomfortable for sure. 

I really thought early on in my pregnancy that I was going to have a girl because it was so different from my last pregnancy. Everyone else agreed with me. When we got the ultra sound and it was a boy, I was so excited! It just felt so right. I am way excited to have another little boy and Nigel is going to be such a great big brother!
Here are some of the 3-D images of this little boy that we got at the ultra sound a month and a half ago. He wouldn't really let us see his face much, and these were the only shots of his little face. There was some gunk on his cheek that Ross and I said made him look like he had Benedict Cumberbatch cheekbones. It is so fun to be able to see the little dude on that screen! So excited to meet him in person!

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